Wangan Bakery – Wangan QLD

Wangan Bakery

After two stints at the Garradunga Hotel it was finally time to move on and say goodbye to Steve and Kerri. Our next planned destination was the famous Paronella Park which is located about 25km south west of Innisfail. Paronella Park was voted by RACQ as 🇦🇺’s number 1 tourist attraction.
Before arriving at this majestic rainforrest paradise, I wanted to make a quick stop into the little town of Wangan. Blink and you will probably miss this little community, but one place I wasn’t going to miss was the Wangan Bakery.
Unfortunately the owner Don wasn’t in when I popped in, but I was greeted by Shona whom was more than happy to take control of this review and look after me.
Don has been at the coal face for a tick over 21 years. About 21 years ago Don had a left field employment change. He was actually driving loco’s hauling cane to and from sugar mills in the area. He did this for over 30 years when he suddenly decided he wanted to be a Pieman 🥧🥧
As mentioned earlier Don wasn’t in when I arrived he was having a well earned sleep and Shona was super busy, so we did the quick tour of the place and decided to get this review under way and secondly I was starving.
I had ZERO idea what 🥧 I was going to get stuck into. To be honest every 🥧 in the warmer looked exquisite, so this choice was getting even more tougher and longer to make. In the end my lack of decision making got the better of Shona, so she just grabbed one out of the oven and said “Try this” I took one bite and realized it was a 🐓 curry 🥧 and i knew straight away this was the right decision.
1. Value for Money – At $6.30 this was well priced. Both size, diameter and depth were all acceptable. I’d be more than happy to pay the $6.30 price tag for a 🥧 of this quality. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – 95% full, photos will show there could have been a bit more fill added to this already full 🥧. Overall you would be pretty happy with this one. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Every bite was beautiful and I couldn’t get enough of this 🥧. The chicken pieces were huge, plentiful and tender. Don does his own thai green curry mix and he absolutely nailed it. Excellent flavor. 10/10
4. Pastry – I’m not going to dribble on and on !!! Take a look at the pics guys. This pasty was PERFECT in every way. Great work Don. 10/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! There was no way I was waiting any longer than one minute to dive in this bad boy. 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 49/50🥧🥧
Stunning, Stunning, Stunning !!! This was almost the perfect 🥧. Everything about this 🥧 was of the highest quality. The pasty was up there with the best I’ve had. The flavor was superb, the chicken pieces were huge and Don had the exact amount of thai green curry in this 🥧. I also tried the pizza 🥧 and it was amazing. Take this as gospel 🥧 lovers, this bakery is a MUST visit. Also there are no excuses if your pressed for time as the bakery is almost open 24 hours a day 7 days a week (photo attached) One thing is certain this Pieman will be back.
As always a huge thanks to the Don and particularly Shona for having me in and spending valuable time with me. This bakery is open ridiculous hours and Don should have his feet up. Instead he spends most of his time in this bakery punching out the best products for all of us to enjoy. I’m so glad he gave driving locos the flick to become the Wangan Pieman.
Lastly Paronella Park was unbelievable !!! To be honest, I wasn’t that excited to go, but I was totally blown away and loved the place. The story behind one man’s dream was remarkable and needs to be heard first hand. It’s not surprising why this place is extremely busy day in day out. For those of you that haven’t visited, add this place to your plans. The new caravan park behind the