Van Wegens Continental Bakery – Mooloolaba

Van Wegens Continental Bakery

To say I was a little excited was a massive understatement. It felt like Christmas morning all over again. I dusted off the blue shirt, flicked the cobwebs off the cowboy hat and hit the road to do my first pie review since mid-March. With travel restrictions in place and essential travel only this was a business trip worth the wait !!!!! Only a short distance down the road I lobbed at Van Wegens Continental Bakery Smack bang in the middle of Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba you will find this 🥧 master place.

Owner Dane Van Wegen has operated this place since 2001 !!!! The Van Wegan family have been baking 🥧’s since the 1920’s Dane’s grandfather Hans came out from Holland as a young teen with cooking 🥧’s in his blood. Fast forward a few years later and Dane’s father Rob purchased the Beach Bakery in Hastings Street in 1988. This is where Dane first learnt the art of cooking AWESOME 🥧’s !!!! Over the next 9 years Dane cooked pastry/🥧’s everywhere from Port Douglas, Whistler & virtually everywhere in the UK. This bakery is truly amazing not only filled with copious varieties of 🥧’s but the pastry sweets looked insane. After several minutes deciding on what 🥧 to smash I left that decision up to Dane and he came up with the Chunky Steak !!!!!

🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – At 6 bucks this 🥧was incredible value !!!!. Great size, round and bloody deep !!! zero complaints here 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – This meat was exploding out the top of this 🥧 like Krakatoa !!!! Couldn’t fit another drop in !!! 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – WOW !!! with huge chunks of endless meat and so much flavour this was bloody AWESOME 9 /10
4. Pastry – As always and like it should do this 🥧 held together like glue. Flaky and tasty, this was really good. 9/10
5. Temperature – Zero waiting here !!!! I smashed this pie so fast !!!! Almost perfect 9.5/10

🥧🥧🥧 Overall Score 47/50 🥧🥧🥧

Overall this 🥧 was Outstanding !!!! nearly every category was perfect. I was a little embarrassed on how quickly I ate the thing !!!

Dane looked at me like I hadn’t eaten anything in a month but it was so good I couldn’t stop.

It’s a real credit to Dane and his 12 staff who have adapted and are surviving through these tough COVID times. With restrictions being lifted as of midnight tonight get your butts down to Brisbane Rd Mooloolaba this long weekend, Tuck into a 🥧, grab a coffee and meet Dane and his incredible staff. With plenty of parking available and right in the middle of Brisbane Rd this place isn’t hard to find. They also have the COVID survival pack as well !!!! 4 🥧’s , 2L milk, Loaf of bread delivered for $25 !!!! that’s great value.

Once again a huge thanks to Dane and his team for having me down. The bloke is an absolute champion fella with a real skill for baking and cooking 🥧’s !!!! Make sure you mention Pyney’s Pie reviews and his team will take good care of you.