Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre – Uluru NT

Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

After tackling both the gorge walks at the Kata Tjuta (Olga’s) it was time to head back to the Rock and check out the Uluru Cultural Centre and take a look around.
The centre is virtually at the base to the Rock and inside the Kata Tjuta National Park. I was pretty keen to check out all the heritage and art work this place had to offer, plus I knew this joint had a cafe. After about 4/5 hours of solid hiking i was getting extremely hangry.
After taking a look around and admiring all the phenomenal indigenous artwork on display it was time to smash this cafe !!! I was that so hungry I could have eaten the crutch out of a low flying duck.
Upon entering the cafe i immediately saw a few 🥧’s in the hot box and of course, I needed to give it one a crack. Well that’s where it all went down hill.
The 🥧 of choice was a beef, bacon and cheese. It looked pale and as white as a ghost but there was no turning back. I looked at this thing and started to cringe. Taking my first bite was like getting a child to take medicine or eat veggies, I was stalling massively. I knew the quicker i got started the quicker this nightmare would end !!!!
1. Value for Money – Look the value for this 🥧 was ok. It terms of size and diameter it was ok. But after taking my first bite and nearly throwing up, I have decided I wouldn’t pay 50 cents for this 🥧 again. 1/10
2. Meat Ratio – In all fairness this 🥧 was about 75% full but saggy in the middle. 6/10
3. Meat Flavour – What Flavor !!!! This thing had zero flavor what so ever !!! I’m not sure what was in this thing but It didn’t taste like meat or bacon !!! The cheese was a huge gooey mess of something. 1/10
4. Pastry – Look at this thing !!! Albino’s are a darker than this 🥧. I’m not entirely sure if the pastry was even cooked. Secondly I’ve never chewed on a bit of cardboard before, but I’m sure cardboard tastes a lot better than this pasty did. 0/10
5. Temperature – Lukewarm at best and a little cool in the middle !!!! horrific 2/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧10/50 🥧🥧
It’s official this 🥧 was the worst 🥧 I’ve ever had in my 44 year existence being on this planet. The 10/50 score line, should have been a lot worse but the meat ratio score of 6 helped this 🥧 get to double digits. I’ve never and I mean NEVER chucked a 🥧 out, but there’s a first time for everything. The pastry was next level hideous !!! OMG it was so so bad !!!! After hundreds possibly thousands of 🥧’s I was probably due for a bad one, but nothing could prepared you for something like this. The shining light out of this horrific mess was the chocolate milkshake I had !!! It was bloody awesome !!! 50/50 !!!
In conclusion the Kata Tjuta National Park Cultural Centre is 100% worth the visit. The art work and history in this place is incredible, but avoid the 🥧’s from the cafe !!! Stick to the milkshake guys !!!!