Tunners Bakehouse

2024 🥧 Tour
Review no 9
Tunners Bakehouse
(Tuncurry NSW)

It was time again to get in the car and hit the road again. I crossed the QLD border and my the first stop on this trip was the picturesque area of Foster/Tuncurry on the NSW mid coast. It’s been about 2 years since I’ve visited this epic part of the country and I wanted to get back and visit the bakeries I missed on the last trip. One of first joints on my bakery list was Tunners Bakehouse.

Tunners Bakehouse is located at 3/25 Manning Street Tuncurry and cannot be missed as it’s on the main street heading into town. Owners Adam and Kylie have had this place for almost 4 years. Both Adam and Kylie started their apprenticeships back in 1993 in and around the Sydney area where they stayed for several years. They both decided to leave the industry for a while, before returning and eventually opening up their own bakery.

Once again this is a another old school small bakery. The range on offer here is very generous and everything here is made fresh and on the premises. From pies, bread, cakes and savory’s this place well and truly has you covered. One thing that caught my eye was the amount of tradies that came into this bakery while I was there. It was tradie central and the lads were smashing so many 🥧’s I thought I’d better get in quick.

When choosing a 🥧 to review this week there was only ever going to one 🥧 and one 🥧 only. So many followers messaged me and said I’ve gotta try the “Sweet BBQ Beef Brisket” As soon as it came out of the 🥧 warmer i knew straight away I’d made the right decision.


1. Value for Money – $7 for a beef brisket 🥧 and one of this quality was totally worth it. The 🥧 was a decent size in diameter and depth and weighed a decent size as well. I would have no hesitations buying another one at seven bucks. Great value 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – Photos will show this 🥧 was completely full. Zero issues here, great value 10/10

3. Flavour – Absolutly stunning !!!! I loved every bite and was frothing for more. The beef brisket is slow cooked for 18 plus hours and was cooked to perfection and totally melted in your mouth. The BBQ sauce was particularly
sweet and was the perfect mix. Sometimes the sauce can overpower the brisket, but it wasn’t the case with this 🥧. Awesome job guys 10/10

4. Pastry – Almost perfect !!! The color, shape, shrinkage and stability were all spot on perfect. The bottom bake and thickness were also perfect as was one side. Only negative was the top bake/one side was a little thick and slightly underbaked. Apart from this minor issue I couldn’t fault this pastry. The flavour of the pastry was also first class. 8.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! Nothing to worry about at all 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 48.5/50 🥧🥧

Absolutely loved this 🥧 plus the 3 other I smashed while I was there. This one in particular was just about perfect. The price point, meat ratio, flavour and serving temperature were perfect and couldn’t be faulted at all. The flavour of this 🥧 was the standout for me. The meat was cooked to perfection while the sweet bbq sauce was the perfect blend and wasn’t overpowering. Only negative was the top bake was a little thick and slightly underbaked. This was only minor but clearly evident in photos. Overall this was a stunning 🥧 and I loved every bite. Great job Adam and team. This was a sensational product.

This is a cracking bakery and a must visit while your in town. I left the joint in a total food coma but wouldn’t have it any other way. Kylie and Adam have done a sterling job at this bakery and deserve every success that comes their way. You wouldn’t meet a nicer hard working couple then these two and I’m so grateful for there hospitality. One thing is for certain I will be back.

Foster/Tuncurry is a unbelievable place and a must see for all ages. I stayed at the Tuncurry Sports Club. It was sensational (must be self sufficient) but close to town and the meals were superb. Highly recommend !!!!