Top of the Bay Bakery – Hervey Bay QLD

Top of the Bay Bakery

During the week I promised you 2 legends and that’s exactly what I’ve done. First of all I visited Daniel Mulheron at Eat at Dan & Steph’s and now the great man himself Steven Sarah from Top of the Bay Bakery. This baking genius is a 4th generation baker, now that’s incredible !!!! Baking 🥧’s since the age of 12 this bloke knows his way around the baking oven !!!!! Steve has owned Top of the Bay Bakery for almost 20 years and established himself as the go to man for a great 🥧 in the Bay !!!!!!!! With so many 🥧’s to choose from 26 to be precise Steve picked out one of his favorites Chicken (real chicken) Gravy and Cheese 🥧

🥧🥧🥧🥧 The Review 🥧🥧🥧🥧

1.Value for money – At $4.80 this was enormous value !!!!! This 🥧 was a terrific size and worth every cent of the $4.80 price tag. 9.5/10
2.Meat Ratio – As photos indicates this 🥧 was so full and overflowing with awesome chicken and other flavors. 9.5/10
3..Meat Flavor – This was a bloody awesome tasting 🥧. The chicken was so tender and the gravy and cheese blended in beautifully. 10/10
4.Pastry – Flakey and tasteful this was really really good. Once again as all 🥧’s should this beauty held together right till the end. For me the pastry had to be great and this didn’t disappoint. 9.5/10
5.Temperature – Yep !!!! Spot on. No waiting required. While a little too hot I was just so impatient to smash into this 🥧. 9/10

Overall Rating 47.5/50 🥧🥧🥧🥧

While chicken isn’t my normal 🥧 pie of choice, this was outstanding !!!! The chicken pieces were huge, gravy and cheese tasted brilliant !!!!!! And topped off by the pastry. Steve and his bakers nailed this one and it’s no surprise this is a huge selling 🥧. After all these years of baking 🥧’s Steve continues to come up with new flavors and varieties. This bakery has easy parking and a must stop while visiting Hervey Bay. Apart from his awesome 🥧’s this bloke makes a wicked cream bun !!!!! Trust me I’ve had a few. So pop in, grab a pie and have a chat to the great man himself.
Once again a huge thanks to Steve and the team for having me in. Also some exciting news just after Easter with the bakery moving into new premises only 30m from the existing site. So this 🥧 reviewer will be back for sure to check out the new pad.