The Quilted Teapost – New Norfolk TAS

The Quilted Teapot

Strahan to Mt Field was a interesting drive to say the least. While the countryside and viewing was spectacular, you needed to be on your game as this was a taxing drive and conditions were wet and freezing.

Mt Field National Park was our next destination and from my own research finding a decent 🥧 in this particular area was going to be difficult. After setting up and cracking a coldie, I met a heap of 🥧 loving champions camped beside us. One of these legends gave me a tip on a hidden gem just down the road at New Norfolk.

Justin said The Quilted Teapot makes the best slow cooked goat and curry 🥧 he’s ever had !!! He had me at goat, so I immediately got on the blower to line up a visit.

The Quilted Teapot is located in the heart of New Norfolk and owners Janine and Bernie have had this place for a tick over 5 years. The building was a church back in the early 1800’s, then a Sunday School, now it’s a cute little cafe/artisan wears shop.

Inside is warm, cosy and homely. Plenty of seating and as like most Tasmanian buildings has a terrific fireplace. The cafe also sells a huge assortment of quilts, homemade jams, sauces and heaps of other stuff.

Open 6 days a week, the cafe sells a great range of homemade 🥧‘s with flavors such as goat, venison, chicken and scallop. There is a catch, there is only a couple of options available each day. The day I was there it was “Goat Day” which got me super excited. I had never tried Goat before and I was like a kid in a lolly shop. To say I was excited was a massive understatement.


1. Value for Money – At $9.50 yes it’s up there in price, however Goat meat wouldn’t be cheap to buy as is most things these days. This 🥧 was huge, both in diameter and depth. If the 🥧 wasn’t the size it was I would be had issues with this price tag. Overall this was a bigger than the normal 🥧 and the price was very good considering the ingredients. 9/10.
2. Meat Ratio – 95% full and at $9.50 you would expect so. The goat pieces huge and plentiful. Very happy with this fill. 9.5/10
3. Flavour – Listen to this !!! 4 hour slow cooked goat, fresh assortment of veggies, herbs, spices, stock and bathed in a rendang curry !!! This flavour was INCREDIBLE. The meat was cooked to perfection, veggies crunchy and curry sauce stunning. Loved every bit of this flavor. 10/10
4. Pastry – Excellent !!! Shape, color, stability, top and bottom bakes were all perfect. The pasty had great flavor and was crunchy and golden. Great job. 10/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect temp !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 48.5/50 🥧🥧

This 🥧 was stunning !!! Everything about it was class class class. The flavour was easily the best part. That little goat was cooked to perfection and the sauce it was bathed in was beautiful. My first goat experience was a massive thumbs up. The only negative part of the experience was having a share a few bites with Julie !!! I don’t share food full stop and having the share this masterpiece with someone hurt like crazy.

This little cafe is a ripper, apart from the few signs out the front you wouldn’t know this place was here. Make sure you add this place into your 🥧 bible/black book. As mentioned earlier the 🥧‘s vary each day and if you can lob
on “Goat Day” your not going to be disappointed.

Janine and Bernie you guys a bloody legends and thanks heaps for having me in on short notice. Your love of good food clearly shows in the products that you serve up, that 🥧 was epic. Times have been tough for small businesses and I’m sure this cafe has had its fair share of ups and downs during COVID, but your still here powering on and you guys deserve every success.

Our stay at Left of Field was the best part of our tour so far. Adrian and Mel are so casual and this camp ground is a must stop over, the whole place is awesome. Also a huge thanks to Justin and my new 🥧 apprentice Ricky for the tips and recommendations. If these legends hadn’t given me this tip, I wouldn’t have visited The Quilted Teapot.
Mt Field National Park and Gordon Dam were seriously EPIC and trust me allow 3/4 days to fully explore the area it’s got so much on offer.