The Pie Shop Yamba

Unfortunately, The Pie Shop Yamba has permanently closed

Before we left the Sunshine Coast, I put the call out asking you guys what bakeries I should be visiting on our journey to the NSW North Coast. The response was huge with a overwhelming amount of people insisting I visit Yamba and a particular place called the The Pie Shop. So with that in mind and Iluka done and dusted it was time to head a little bit further south and slip into Yamba and try these 🥧‘s everyone was talking about.

The Pie Shop is located in central Yamba on Coldstream Street. You cannot miss it, just look for the pink house in the middle of the street.

Bron the owner has been in the cooking and hospitality scene for many years. Many of you might remember “Pot Belly Pies” This was Bron’s baby. She was effectively known by locals as the “Pot Belly Lady” for several years, before heading off to take up other interests. After stints cooking in several other places, she returned to Yamba in July 2021. With a tin of paint and years of cooking experience she transformed this run down old house into a 🥧 paradise and a place where locals and tourists could hang out and eat her beautiful creations.

Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am to 2pm this a very unique place. It’s not a bakery but a 🥧 shop with extras. These extras include sausage rolls, cakes, biscuits with everything in this place 100% homemade and cooked on site.
After dragging my tongue around the joint for half an hour, it was finally my time to get stuck in. I had two major issues. One, what 🥧 was I going to choose ? and two how the bloody hell was I going to eat this beast ?

The second issue was solved quickly. Bron with hands like a surgeon carefully cut this masterpiece into two. Seriously I wanted to try multiple 🥧‘s, which is what I ended up doing, but the one I decided to review was the “Smokey Steak, Bacon and Chorizo”


1. Value for Money – At $9 the traditionalists will jump up and down and probably go ape 💩, however just take a look at this thing. Honestly you could have fitted two normal 🥧‘s in this one. I was a tick over 450 grams. I have never seen a 🥧 like this in my life. This wasn’t a 🥧 this was a meal. Outstanding value. 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – So the theory is fill and pastry and keep stacking and piling !!! I have attached a photo of a 🥧 before the pasty is put on, just to show you guys the craftsman ship in these 🥧‘s. If you built this 🥧 any higher it would fall over. 10/10

3. Meat Flavour – Listen to this – Smokey slow cooked steak, smoked bacon, chorizo, onion, garlic topped of with Brons secret sauce/gravy. Every bite was a experience. The flavor cannot be described in a few words so I’m going to use one “EPIC” 10/10

4. Pastry – With the weight and size of this thing, I was expecting a disaster with the pastry, but I was wrong. Short crust pasty on the bottom and puff on top and both the bottom and top bakes were perfect. I tipped this monster upside down and it didn’t move, the stability was also perfect. The pastry also had incredible flavor and melted in your mouth. Bron absolutely nailed this pastry. 10/10
5. Serving Temperature – Once again with a 🥧 of this size it takes precision and judgement and get the serving temperature right and this one was perfect. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧🥧 50/50 🥧🥧🥧

This is a massive call, but I’m going to say this was the the best 🥧 I’ve EVER had !!! From the moment I’d finished this monster, I knew it was going to be a perfect score. Every category was completely nailed by Bron. The pastry and flavor was exceptional and seriously words cannot describe both. I also tried the “Yamba” 🥧 which was Chilli Chicken and real chunks of Mango. This would have been perfect too. Julie could
only manage half of her curried prawn and garlic and she also said it was perfect. Just to top it off, Bron made me a special “Pieman” 🥧 to takeaway this was just a basic savory mince. I had it a few days later and guess what it was also perfect.
If you are anywhere near Yamba or the area, this place is worth the visit alone. Just a reminder it’s not a full blown bakery, but a 🥧 shop with extras. Plus it’s got ample seating to chill out and strategize on how you’re going to attack your beast of a 🥧. Just to clarify, the 🥧 I had wasn’t made especially for me, every single 🥧 sold here is exactly the same and made with love and the size of Mt Everest.

To Bron and your team a massive thanks for having me in. This was a epic review and I’m so grateful to be able to sit down with you and your team and hear then share your 🥧 journey. Your cooking and baking skills are phenomenal,plus the passion you have to serve every singe customer the perfect 🥧 is inspiring. Don’t change a single thing !!!! Your a dead set superstar. I can guarantee one thing, The 🥧 man will be back to see you guys again.

Yamba, Yuraygir National Park and nearby Brooms Head is STUNNING !!!! I have attached heaps of photos guys, so enjoy. The campsite at the National Park was up there with the best and the Brooms Head Holiday Park was awesome. Sites right on the water and very quiet and peaceful.