The Kingscliff Baking Company – Kingscliff, NSW

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Review number 2 The Kingscliff Baking Company  (Kingscliff NSW) 

After seeing the lads at The Bread Social it was time to jump in the luxy and head to the nest 🥧 review location. Next up on the list was The Kingscliff Bakery Company. I stumbled across this place a few days earlier and wanted to come back and smash a few 🥧’s

The Kingscliff Baking Company is in the Woolworths shopping complex located in Pearl Street Kingscliff. The bakery is easy to find as it’s the first shop as you enter the building and it’s open 7 days a week.

While only small in size this bakery pumps out some serious numbers employing 18 staff that includes 5 bakers. The owners Alan and Leanne also have another bakery in Coolangatta.

I didn’t get to meet Alan and Leanne but I was greeted by a legend named Graham who’s the delivery driver then bakery manager Alyssa took over and showed me around. As mentioned while only small this bakery has everything you need and more. After meeting the crew out the back it was time to tuck into a couple of 🥧’s.

Easy choice this week !!! I went for stock standard mince pepper 🥧. I normally review the chunky pepper but today was going to be a little different and a particular type I hadn’t reviewed for a while.


1. Value for Money – $6.90 is creeping up there for a mince pepper 🥧. However the 🥧 was a decent size in diameter and depth which helped. I’d be really happy at this price, if the 🥧 was a chunky meat but it wasn’t. Overall this price tag was still acceptable and affordable 7.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – No complaints here !!!! This 🥧 was totally full. Good job guy 10/10

3. Flavour – Not bad at all !!! The mince was nice and fine, while the pepper mix was almost the perfect blend. The pepper mix wasn’t over the top, but had enough go in it to let you know it was around. 7.5/10

4. Pastry – Shape and shrinkage were ok, needed a little more TLC but nothing too major. Stability was excellent and the 🥧 didn’t move a muscle. The top bake was golden and flakey and tasted great, while the bottom and side bake, while cooked through was a tad too thick. Overall more than acceptable only a couple small points to work on. 7/10

5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 41.5/50 🥧🥧

This was a nice product. A few things to work on here and there but nothing over the top or nothing that cannot be tweaked. The price point was satisfactory and was the serving temperature was perfect. The flavor was pretty good and the 🥧 had a really good peppery bite to it, which I enjoyed. The pastry bake was a little thick on the sides and bottom which made the taste a little doughie. On a pleasing note the bake was cooked right through considering it was a tad thick. A big bonus was the 🥧 was completey full as was all the 🥧’s I tried. I’d have no hesitation smashing another one of these pepper 🥧’s again when I’m back in the area.

As always these reviews would not be possible without the support I get from the owners, managers and bakers. Alyissa the manager was a absolute legend as was Graham who I met out in the carpark. Thanks for having me in guys and thanks for your amazing hospitality.

Add this little shopping centre bakery to your own 🥧 list. Whether your on holidays or simply passing through this little joint has everything you need and much more. Parking isn’t a issue and the girls at the front desk with take good care of you. This whole area is simply stunning and offers so much so keep Kingscliff in mind when your planning your next holiday.

Next review on the list will be the
Nimbin Bakery. This was a bakery I’ve been meaning to get to for some time and Darren and the staff were absolute legends. Look out for this one.

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