The Caff 235 – Broken Hill NSW

The Caff 235

After two big days of driving we found ourselves back at one of our favourite places Broken Hill. This was our 3rd visit to this epic town and we were super excited to be back. Our stay here was going to be quick, but Julie had organized to catch up with a old school friend while we were in town. Jenny arranged to meet us at The Caff 235, a little cafe near the hospital, she also informed me this joint had the most amazing home made 🥧’s. This had my heart racing, so I quickly walked in introduced myself to the owners Trish and Binga.

The Caff 235 is situated on Thomas Street Broken Hill and open 7 days a week. Owners Trish and Binga have owned and operated this cafe since 2019. These two legends had virtually no cooking or hospitality experience when they took over. Trish worked in disability services, while Binga worked for the local council as a dog handler/catcher. After years of doing the same old Trish and Binga wanted to give something else a crack and dived head first into the hospitality game and bought The Caff 235.

Apart from 🥧‘s The Caff has a huge selection of breakfast and lunch options all made fresh at the cafe. I was here for the 🥧’s and wanted to get stuck into a few straight away.

For a little cafe this place has great selection of 🥧’s on offer. From plain meat to gourmet your not going to be disappointed. In the end I let Trish decide what 🥧 I was going to review. She choose one of her favorites and best selling 🥧‘s and that was the “Chunky Beef, Mushroom and Shiraz”


1. Value for Money – $6.50
was fantastic value. Slightly bigger than the standard bakery 🥧 and healthy in the diameter and depth department. For a homemade 🥧 of this size you shouldn’t have any complaints. 9.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Totally full !!!! Say no more 10/10

3. Flavour – Awesome !!! Chunky pieces of slow cooked beef, fresh mushrooms, shiraz, hebamare, vegeta and pepper. Every bite got better and better and I didn’t want it to end. Loved it !!! 10/10

4. Pastry – The color, shape, shape and shrinkage were all first class. The bakes and thickness were also spot on and the pastry had a beautifull taste to it. No real issues here. Great job. 9.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – A fraction on the hot side but nothing to worry about. 9.5/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 48.5/50 🥧🥧

Wow !! This 🥧 totally took me by surprise and blew my expectations. All five scoring criteria’s were excellent and to be fair no nothing major issues with this 🥧 at all. The flavour and pastry were devine. The chunks of meat were tender the mushrooms were super fresh and Trish didn’t hold back on the shiraz either. For a heavy 🥧 the pasty held firm right to the last bite and was flakey and full of flavour. Outstanding job team !!! Highly recommended.

This place and these 🥧’s are first clsss. A huge thanks to Jenny for the tip. Without her recommendation I wouldn’t even known this place existed and this review wouldn’t have happened. This is a place totally worth the stop in, but get in early these 🥧’s sell incredibly fast and for good reason.

To Trish and Binga thanks a million for making this a awesome review. I loved spending time with you guys and hearing your incredible 🥧 journey. The dedication and love you put into your food blew me away. Locals and passing tourists are so lucky to have a cracking business like yours in town. I wish you guys all the best as you deserve every success that comes your way.

Once again our stay in Broken Hill was sensational. It’s a place that has so much on offer. We revisited “The Living Desert Sculptures” plus a few other of our favourite points of interest. As always a huge shout out to the people of Broken Hill for their hospitality, we will be back.