The Bunker Smokehouse and Bar – Gympie QLD

The Bunker Smokehouse

After consuming enough 🥧‘s to feed a small country the previous week, I thought about having a spell for a few weeks before i got back onto the saddle again. That soon changed when I took a call from a ripping lad named Jarrod.
Jarrod and his partner Lauren own and operate the The Bunker Smokehouse and Bar in Gympie. This place specializes in everything “American BBQ” so when Jarrod reached out and asked me to pop up and see him I didn’t need much convincing.
Situated on the corner of Reef and Channon Street in the heart of Gympie, the food in this place will blow your mind. Open Wednesday to Saturday this joint is a meat lovers paradise. Over 350KG of brisket is consumed here every week and last year alone over 10 tonne was smashed and consumed by hungry meat loving human’s.
What makes this place even more legendary is that every is
“Friday 🥧 Day”. That’s right, every Friday you can pop in and grab a 🥧 or four. Seriously “Brisket & Pulled Pork” tastes insane but throw it into a 🥧 and its “EPIC”
🥧 Day, Friday Day only has a limited variety of 🥧’s available, but I wasn’t complaining. I did try one of there new flavors the “Mexican 🥧” that was outstanding, but the 🥧 I was reviewing was the “Brisket & Pulled Pork” the smell and flavor oozing out of this 🥧 was ridiculous and I couldn’t wait to get started.
1. Value for Money – I would have no hesitation in paying $8 for this 🥧 again. The size of this 🥧 and the quality of the ingredients are superb. This 🥧 was the weight of a shot put. This is meal and well worth every cent of the $8 price tag. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Pretty good, maybe a little bit more fill but in all fairness this was a big 🥧. The meat pieces were huge as well and cooked to perfection. 8.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – “EPIC” The slow cooked brisket and pulled pork were perfect. The pulled pork melted in your mouth. The gravy sauce has tinge of tomato flavor about it. Exceptional flavor. Loved everything about this flavor. 10/10
4. Pastry – Very good. This 🥧 was heavy as a brick and held together very well. The inside of the 🥧 did run out slightly, that’s only because it was a gravy based sauce. Overall very good. 9/10
5. Serving Temperature – A tad 🔥, I had a smidge for this bad boy to cool. Overall very good. 9/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46.5/50 🥧🥧
Bloody beautiful !!! That’s how I’m going to describe this 🥧. The flavor was the absolute standout. The brisket and pulled pork was cooked to perfection and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Jarrod is the “Yoda” when cooking the “American BBQ” he’s the master. Yes the price point is up there, but this 🥧 is meal and extremely filling and the $8 price point is great value. If you in the the Gymp on a Friday then “🥧 Day Friday” is a must. Don’t forget they sell out quickly so get in early.
If your looking for more than a 🥧 the food here is “out of this world” plus it’s fully licensed. If you love your Brisket/Ribs/Wings or basically anything American BBQ this place is your go to. Plus it’s fully licensed so you can sit back relax and have a few bevo’s. Once again only open Wednesday to Saturday and don’t forget to book.
A massive thanks to Jarrod not only for having me in, but coming into work on his day off and cook me this outstanding 🥧, plus give me a schooner at 8.30am 😂😂. This legend is as passionate about American BBQ as I am about 🥧’s !!! He lives and breaths it. You wouldn’t meet a better bloke and I’m so glad he reached out to me.
Next week I will be posting my review from Paradise Bakehouse in Moore Park Qld. Huyen and Lam were awesome hosts and I cannot wait to share this review with you guys.