The Beach Bakery on King – Port Lincoln SA

The Beach Bakery on King

2023 🥧 Tour
Review no 22
The Beach Bakery on King
(Port Lincoln SA)

After smashing down a few 🥧’s at the Port Lincoln bakery it was time to make the short stroll down the road to the next review. For this review I was visiting Port Lincoln’s newest bakery. The place I was referring to was The Beach Bakery on King.

As the name suggests the bakery is located on King Street Port Lincoln. Owners Ilka and Darrin opened this place in October 2022. They also own and operate another bakery in town called called The Beach Bakery Express which has been operating in town for over 2 years.

Bakery on King is open 7 days a week and employs over 20 staff. Ilka and Darrin have done a wonderful job with this fit out. The bakery offers a huge seating area inside, plus the light colors and cabinets inside are abaolute class.

This is a bakery with a difference, all the baking is done just up the road at Ilka’s mums joint the
Tumby Bay Bakery. Before opening up the Express Bakery Ilka worked in the Tumby Bay Bakery for several years. She came up with a plan to open up her own bakery. The plan was to utilize the huge baking area and bakery team the Tumby Bay Bakery had in place. The plan has worked a treat and the bakery is flying.

Since opening last October the bakery has been flat strap. The day I did my review it was out of control crazy busy and it was Port Lincoln Cup Day. Upon entry was like Groundhog Day, those bloody doughnuts and Kitchener buns got me for the 20th time this tour. They were the first things I saw in what was another impressive cabinet display. The 🥧 warmer was also choc a block and full with a epic assortment of fresh 🥧’s and pasties. I was off to the races with the baking team so we were pressed for time and needed to get cracking.

One of the senior bakers Luke had come down from Tumby to meet me and I’m sure glad he did. Choosing only one 🥧 to review wasn’t going to be a easy decision, so Luke made the decision for me. He pulled his favourite 🥧 out of the warmer and all of a sudden we were ready to rock n roll. The one he choose was the “Beef Brisket 🥧”


1. Value for Money – $6.20 was cheap as chips !!! Oh hang on, at present there is a potato shortage and the price of chips has skyrocketed !!!! Anyway this 🥧 was excellent value especially for the size and the quality of ingredients that filled it. Diameter and depth were more more than acceptable and the 🥧 itself was actually quite heavy. Excellent value here !!! 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – Same as the last review this 🥧 was totally full. 10/10

3. Flavour – Listen to this Slow cooked Brisket, Garlic, Worcestershire, Tomato paste, Bbq sauce, Bourbon and Jalapeños !!! Those ingredients were insane as was the flavor of this 🥧. The meat was incredibly tender and the combined sauces made this 🥧 what it was. Absolutely loved it !!! Outstanding job 10/10

4. Pastry – The pastry itself was delicious and as far as the stability goes the 🥧 held together to the last bite. The shape of the 🥧 was a little how your doing and one corner of the lid had started to lift a smidge. The bottom and side bakes were under done, too thick and needed more time in the oven. A few things to tweak but nothing that cannot be fixed. 6.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Zero issues here !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46.5/50 🥧🥧

Apart for a few little issues with the pastry this would have been the perfect 🥧. All 4 other scoring categories were perfect. I particularly loved the flavour in this 🥧. The sauces and meat were stunning. As for the $6.20 price, we’ll it’s too cheap in my opinion and represented outstanding value. I have no hesitation recommending this particular falvoured 🥧. Great job guys !!!

This is a belter of a bakery. Yes the goods are baked off site but that doesn’t matter one bit. Your going to be very impressed with this bakery and the quality of food that’s served here. A massive thanks to Ilka, Darrin and the team for their amazing hospitality. Also to Luke for coming down saying gday and choosing that epic 🥧 for the review. This was a ripping review and I cannot wait to come back.

As mentioned in my last review, Port Lincoln and surrounds is 100% worth the stop in. The National Parks are close by and Whalers Way was pretty awesome. Once again give yourself plenty of time as there’s plenty to see.