The Bakers Pantry – Noosaville QLD

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The Bakers Pantry

Hey 🥧 lovers, I hope everyone has had a fabulous long weekend and stayed safe. It was terrific to see so many people out and about having family fun time plus supporting so many small businesses. So this weekend I decided to visit one of Noosa’s newest bakeries The Bakers Pantry.
Situated right next to Aldi Supermarket on Weyba Rd this place is a little gem. Owners Damian & Kate opened this beauty in December last year.
Damian’s 🥧 journey started as a 16 year old in Adelaide, juggling his apprenticeship and AFL football 🏉🏉. Not only does he make bloody good 🥧’s from all reports this fella was a handy footballer in his day too !!!! Fast forward a few years later not only has Damian secured a premiership flag !!!! but is now running 3 of the biggest bakeries in Adelaide employing over 60 staff !!!!! Not content enough with running 3 bakeries him and Kate decided to complicate their lives even more by moving to Noosa and open up a 4th !!!! And I’m so glad they did !!!! This place has it all, great variety of 🥧’s, huge family sized 🥧’s, sandwich’s, wraps & cakes !!!!! OMG OMG so much to choose from. Damian suggested I try one of his signature 🥧’s the Chunky Beef & Pepper 🥧.
1. Value for Money – At $6 this 🥧 was so big and round and a meal in itself. Incredible value. I was surprised on how deep this 🥧 was. Easy score here 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – This was a huge 🥧 to fill and it was filled to the top !!!! So much chunky meat !!!! 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – OMG !!!! This was bloody AWESOME !!!! HUGE chunks of slow cooked Meat !!!! cracked pepper and 🌶 flakes. Cooked to perfection. 10/10
4. Pastry – So flakey on top but crusty and delicious on the bottom. As I said this was a huge 🥧 and it held together like glue. 9.5/10
5. Temperature – A tad hot !!!!! but It was straight out of the oven. I couldn’t wait 2 secs to eat this thing. Almost perfect 9/10
🥧🥧🥧 Overall Score 48/50 🥧🥧🥧
Yes some would say this is a high score, but seriously I ❤️ this 🥧 !!!!!! The size, the taste & pastry were all top class 👍👍. This score was well deserved. I’ve also sampled there family 🥧’s and WOW !!! So good.
Damian and Kate have an amazing business. They are incredibly humble and salt of the earth people. I cannot thank them enough for there time and allowing me to sample a few 🥧’s and share their 🥧 journey. With restrictions being eased, this place is a absolute must STOP. Weather it’s a few small 🥧’s or a HUGE family 🥧’s these guys will take good care of you. This week if your driving past don’t hesitate to pop in and say Gday !!!!! Kate and Hannah will running the front show, while Damian will be out the back making his 🥧masterpieces.