The Bakehouse – Eumundi, Tewantin & Noosaville

The Bakehouse

For this weeks review, I headed to another Sunshine Coast Hinterland town. When you hear or say the word Eumundi you immediately think of the famous Eumundi Markets !!!! Yes this is true, but I wasn’t coming to the markets, I was there to visit Alain from the Eumundi Bakehouse.

See Alain’s journey to the Eumundi Bakehouse is a unique one and some say totally left field. Alain has done a lot of things over his life, but the journey started with a science degree in Forestry. He then was employed to advise and give the green light on major Forrest clearing in Tasmania. Not long after that, Alain decided he needed a new challenge and decided to move to Canberra, taking up a job with the Abbott government specializing in Climate Change.

Canberra was going great until Tony Abbott got the arse and this champion decided to move to the Sunny Coast and try his hand at making 🥧’s !!!! Not content with one bakery, Alain quickly required two others. One in Tewantin and the other at Noosaville.

Running three places is a massive effort, with everything now baked on premises at Eumundi and transported to the other two locations fresh and ready to eat. After 6 years Alain has got this place and the others ticking over beautifully.
This weeks 🥧 of choice was bloody easy !!! Because Alain didn’t give me a choice. He insisted i try his well known Chilli Con Carne 🥧 !!!! Seriously who puts Chilli Con Carne in a 🥧 !!! Well this bloke does and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – $6.50 for a 🥧 this size was great value. It weighed about 300 odd grams and was super heavy. Once again people could argue it’s a little steep, but this was a gourmet 🥧 with quality ingredients. 8/10
2. Meat Ratio – Just about full. Once you have one of this pies, you will realize how big these 🥧’s are and what it takes to fill them up !!!! Wasn’t much room left. 9/10
3. Meat Flavour – This was the BEST !!! The flavor was out of this world !!!! You name it and every ingredient was in this 🥧 !!!! The meat chucks were super tender as well and a decent size. This was a easy score 10/10
4. Pastry – When I first picked this 🥧 up was i concerned about the thickness of the pastry and how it would handle the weight of this 🥧. I was so wrong, while the pasty was thin it held together like glue and didn’t move. The pastry was almost perfect. 9.5/10
5. Temperature – This was perfect. The 🥧 was smashed very quickly. 10/10

🥧🥧 Overall Rating 46.5/50 🥧🥧

Yep, my first Chilli Con Carne 🥧 was a major success. Not in a million years would I ever consider buying one of these. But after smashing one of Alain’s masterpieces, I will be defiantly be going back and going the Chilli con carne again. The biggest hit by far was the flavor. Everything about the flavor was perfect. Who needs to go an expensive Mexican restaurant when you can go to the Eumundi Bakehouse and grab one of these babies for $6.50.

This bakery is a cracker and so is the little community of Eumundi. The bakery is open 7 days a week and be mindful this town goes OFF Wednesday and Saturdays !!! Yep you may of heard of the famous Eumundi markets and they draw a huge crowd. So why don’t you kill two birds with one stone get to Eumundi browse the markets and the main street then when finished get over to Alain’s joint spend some $$$$ and smash a few of his 🥧’s !!!

Like many Sunshine Coast hinterland towns, Eumundi draws you in. It’s very laid back, but caters for everyone. Plus the bakery is smack bang in the middle of the street so you cannot miss it. Not only are the 🥧’s insane the artwork on both walls of the bakery is off the charts !!!! This is the work of well known 🇦🇺 artist John Murray Art. His work is one of the best !!!!

Alain it was a pleasure to share your story. What you’ve done work wise and what your achieving now is astonishing. Your probably the only baker in this county to have a science degree and worked for captain budgie smuggler himself Tony Abbott !!!! To operate 3 different bakeries and look after 32 staff takes a lot of work. Your generosity too is mind blowing, you didn’t hesitate jumping on board with all three locations for Pyney’s Pie Day.