Tenterfield Bakery – Tenterfield NSW

Tenterfield Bakery

As promised, below is part 2 of our brief but enjoyable stay at Tenterfield. Tenterfield is only a short drive over the QLD border and approximately three and a half hours north east of Tamworth. The town is rich with history and was home to the musically talented Peter Allen. Sadly the Peter Allen museum was closed when we were passing through, but thankfully the Tenterfield Bakery wasn’t.

The bakery is located right in the middle of town and open 7 days week (hours vary) Upon arrival i introduced myself to manager Kerri. The bakery itself has plenty of room for inside comfort, which is probably handy considering how crazy stupid cold this place can get. The cabinets were totally full and every food item looked excellent. We had 400 plus km’s to pump out that day, so I needed to get moving and get this review under way.

The selection of 🥧’s on offer here is more than generous. All the usual suspects on list, but one caught my attention “Steak Diane” As strange as this sounds, I’ve never actually reviewed any 🥧 with diane flavoured sauce. With that in mind i was really keen to give this particular flavored 🥧 a go.


1. Value for Money – If I’m comparing this sized 🥧 to others I’ve reviewed, $6.50 was on the high end of the scale. The diameter was more than acceptable, but the depth of this 🥧 wasn’t huge. I fully understand the costs of goods have dramatically increased but at $6.50 this was a little steep for a 🥧 of this size. 7.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Pretty full, only a few small gaps here and there that could have been filled. Although it was a smallish 🥧 the meat ratio was more than acceptable. 9/10

3. Flavour – Really nice !!!! The steak pieces were plentiful and chunky, while the diane sauce was beautiful. The overall flavour was really good. 8/10

4. Pastry – Another mixed bag here. The color, shape, shrinkage and stability were more than satisfactory. Under the lid, the top bake was undercooked. The bottom bake was also slightly undercooked, but it wasn’t as evident as the top bake. The pastry flavour was really nice which was a real bonus. 7/10

5. Serving Temperature – No dramas here, perfect serving temp. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 41.5/50 🥧🥧

This was a nice little 🥧. Yeah a few things to work on, but overall I would no hesitation having another one. The diane sauce was outstanding, actually the whole favour in this 🥧 was beautiful. The meat was incredibly tender and the chunks of meat were a decent size too. This was my very first steak Diane experience and I’m giving it a 👍‘s up.

The bakery is a little gem so when you stop in town or if your simply passing through pop in and show these guys some support. The bakery is clean, tidy and all the food in the cabinets looked super fresh and very inviting. To Kerri and the staff thanks for having me in.

Tenterfield is a cracking little town and well worth stopping in. Craig’s Caravan Park was a great little overnighter. The park itself is clean, facilities excellent and very close to town and dog friendly.