Tailem Bend Bakery – Tailem Bend SA

Tailem Bend Bakery

After a couple of hours of easy driving we finally hit the SA border. Initially we had no plans or any idea where we were going, but a few lads at the Red Cliffs Golf Club suggested we head down to Tailem Bend/Murray Bridge area. They said that area is a good starting point plus there is a heap of quality bakeries down that part of SA. With that in mind we made our way south. Speaking of quality bakeries I was told about this place called Tailem Bend Bakery and I thought to myself, this was a great start to kick off the South Australia reviews.

The bakery itself is over 100 year old and current owners Jake and Paige have been here for just over 9 of these. Jake was a landscaper by trade and then decided to have a crack at making 🥧‘s and hasn’t looked back. Open five and a half days a week and now employing over 20 staff this little bakery sure packs a punch. This bakery also does a truck load of wholesale trade, with Jake’s 🥧’s being sold all over the area, plus schools and sporting clubs are ordering them for 🥧 drives which is a great fundraising initiative.

The bakery itself is spotless and like most good bakeries has a exceptional cabinet display. You’re going to have a hard decision choosing what to have here. From fresh sangas to fresh 🥧’s everything looked amazing.

Speaking of 🥧’s choosing one for this weeks review was a easy decision. My go to 🥧 is a chunky pepper and the staff told me this was one of their best selling 🥧’s. Instead of chunky steak this one was a threaded steak/mince and I was told the pepper corns had a little kick too.


1. Value for Money – $5.90 was pretty good value. While it wasn’t massive in the depth department, the diameter was more than acceptable. 8.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Once again not massive, but it the meat ratio was very good. If anything maybe a bit more could have been fitted just under the lid, but overall very good. 9/10

3. Flavour – Loved it !!! The meat was cooked to perfection and the pepper corns did have a serious kick to it. This was a terrific flavoured 🥧. Great job lads. 9.5/10

4. Pastry – Top color was a little dark and there was slight wet lines under the crusty top, but apart from that this pasty was really good. The pastry had a beautiful buttery taste to it which I loved. The bottom bake was cooked right though and held together firm. 8.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific temp. No issues here. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45.5/50🥧🥧

The boys have done a great job with this one. The overall product was terrific. Overall only a few minor improvements needed here and there. On the positive side, I really enjoyed the flavour and kick this 🥧 had. If you love your pepper pies a little hotter than normal your will enjoy this one. I would have no hesitation having another one of these 🥧’s in a heart beat. I need to mention this mince style sandwich creation I sampled (photos attached) Apparently it’s a local thing and only sold in the area. I can report it was EPIC !!! so if your passing by try you’ve gotta have one of these bad boys.

A huge thanks to Jake and Paige for having me in. You wouldn’t meet a nicer hard working couple. Covid was really tough on this area and more particularly this bakery. So if your passing by don’t forget to stop into the township of Tailem Bend and don’t forget this bakery. It’s a place that 100% needs to be added to your list.
After this review is posted it will be added to my 🥧 map, so there is no excuses not to visit this bakery.

Tailem Bridge and surrounding areas are 100% worth exploring. With so much to see and do make sure you allow a few days. The caravan park was a terrific place to park up. It’s been recently renovated and situated right on the banks of the mighty Murray.