Sweet And Flour Bakery Cafe – Mapleton Qld

Sweet and Flour Bakery Cafe
Over the last 3 years I’ve reviewed over 35 plus bakeries on the Sunshine Coast and all have been pretty amazing. In saying that I’ve also missed a few hidden gems here and there and this weeks review was one of these ones I’ve missed.
I took the short drive up to the picturesque town of Mapleton to visit Sweet & Flour • bakery cafe • Mapleton Mapleton is located about 30mins drive from Maroochydore and the whole area is absolutely stunning. The bakery itself is in the middle of town on Obi Obi Road and is owned and operated by a ripping fella named Jason.
Jason has been in the baking game for over 30 years and has been at this current location for a tick over 12 years. The bakery itself is open 7 days a week and employes over 14 staff. Jason also has another cafe located in nearby Nambour.
One of the first things you will notice when you enter this bakery is the impressive cabinet display !!! Everything you could want and ask for is here and looks crazy good. The other thing that surprised me was the tiny space Jason and his team have to work with. I’ve seen bakers work in some tiny spaces and this place is right up there, but it works and the crew just get on with the job and punch out quality products especially the 🥧’s.
Speaking of 🥧’s it was time to head over to the warmer and get this party started. The selection on offer here is excellent, but one flavoured 🥧 in particular caught my attention and that was the caramelized onion, beef, bacon and cheese.
1. Value for Money – $7 represented reasonable value. The 🥧 was a decent size in diameter but the depth of this 🥧 wasn’t huge. $7 is creeping up there but still ok value. 7.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – While the depth of this 🥧 may not have been huge, the 🥧 was completely full. No issues here. 10/10
3. Flavour – Really impressive !!! For me the caramelized onion was a complete mastersroke it added some real flavour to this 🥧. The meat, bacon and cheese were the perfect mix as well. The team has done a great job with this one. Loved it !! 9/10
4. Pastry – The shape, colour, stability and shrinkage were all very good. The bottom bake was excellent, while the top bake was flakey and tasted great. Only negative and this was minor was the small wet line (under baked) on the top bake. Once again this was only minor. Overall the pastry in this 🥧 was very good. 8.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – A smidge hot but to worry about. 9.5/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44.5/50 🥧🥧
I really enjoyed this 🥧. The flavour was the complete standout. With every bite the flavour and I loved the caramelized onion. The 🥧 was full to the brim and the pastry was also very good. Only negatives and these were minor was the top bake being slightly underdone and given the depth of this actual 🥧 the $7 price tag is creeping up there. Overall I would have no hesitation having another one of these 🥧’s again. Great job team !!!!
This bakery is a little beauty, it’s one place you need to add to your own 🥧 book. To Jason and the team a massive thanks for having me in. This was a great review and I’m truly greatfull for taking the time to show me around and allow me to share your 🥧 journey.
Next week i will be posting 2 cracking reviews from my recent trip to Canberra. Both visits were incredible, so keep a eye out for these.