Stone Hut Bakery – Stone Hut SA

Stone Hut Bakery

The Eyre Pensilula was something else and i cannot recommend that part of South Australia high enough. If your going to explore this magistic coastline you’ve gotta give yourself plenty of time as there is plenty to see.

Our next area to explore was the Yorke Pensilula. The plan was to spend at least a month down this part of SA and get to as many points of interest as we possibly can fit in. The first point of interest I was keen to check out was the Stone Hut Bakery. This was a bakery that had been recommended to me by hundreds of people and to finally get there was super exciting.

Stone Hut is literally in the middle of nowhere and is located about 100km south east of Port Augusta. Blink and you will defiantly
miss this place and from memory the bakery is the only shop in town. This is more than bakery it’s an experience. Apart from the bakery it has cottages that can be booked, a petting zoo and walk through bird aviary.

The bakery has been around for over 30 years but the current owners have been there for a tick over seven. Upon my arrival I was greeted by 3 amazing women Jenny, Michelle and Floss. All three are responsible for making absolutely everything in this bakery. The best part out this story is that all 3 ladies have ZERO baking experience and describe themselves as “Home Cooks” These home cooks have got this place cranking and the foot traffic coming through this bakery every day is massive. Speaking of massive the homemade 🥧’s kept catching my eye and I was chomping at the bit to get started.

From the moment I saw the 🥧 menu my mind started racing and started to move all over the shop. There were at least 3 maybe 4 🥧’s, I wanted to taste. Jenny, Michelle and Floss then started throwing various options at me left right and centre which totally confused me, which isn’t a hard thing to do. In the end I decided to smash 3 🥧’s !!! Chunky Pepper, Stout and Venison and Chicken, camembert and white wine. All 3 were INCREDIBLE but I need to review just one and that one ended up being the Chicken & Camembert.


1. Value for Money – $9.50 is 100% on the high side, but in saying that this was a very generous sized 🥧 in both diameter and depth. All the gourmet 🥧’s on the menu are $9.50 which is at the top end but not the dearest I’ve reviewed. 8/10

2. Meat Ratio – Totally full and at $9.50 it should be too. The top bake has puffed up a little and the photo looks like the 🥧 wasn’t full, but it was. I’m fact all three of the 🥧‘s I tried were full to the brim.

3. Flavour – Unbelievable !!! Chicken, camembert cheese, white wine then bathed in a beautiful white sauce. The chicken pieces were massive as was the huge slab of cheese. You could taste the white wine with every bite and it tasted sensational. The flavour in this 🥧 was stunning and this was a very easy score to judge. 10/10

4. Pastry – Everything about this pastry was first class. The colour, shape, stability and shrinkage were all perfect. The top bake puffed up beautifully and was baked right through. The bottom was also baked right through and tasted terrific. This was a heavy 🥧 and totally held together to the last bite. Excellent job !!! 10/10

5. Serving Temperature – No issues here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 48/50 🥧🥧

This was a STUNNING 🥧 and easily the best flavored 🥧 I’ve had on tour so far. The chicken pieces tasted magnificent and the white wine was a absolute mastersroke. The pasty was superb and the 🥧 was totally full. Yes $9.50 is high but as the old saying goes “You pay for what you get” and what you get at this place is a product of the highest quality. I cannot recommend this 🥧 high enough it was pretty bloody awesome. The venison and stout 🥧 and chunky pepper were also out of control and totally worth a try.

This visit totally exceeded all my expectations and blew me away. Every single item on sale here is made by these 3 incredible ladies with a real passion for cooking. The vanilla slice was also easily the best I’ve tasted and when you visit this bakery brace yourself for an extremely bad food day. The animals were extremely cute, friendly and this added to the overall experience. This little slice of paradise is 100% worth a visit and make sure you allow yourself plenty of time.

Jenny, Michelle and Floss a monumental thanks for having me in. I loved everything about your bakery and loved doing this review. You three ladies are quite remarkable and for a bunch of home cooks do a sensational job and one that’s very inspiring. I wish you all the best and you ladies deserve every success that comes your way.

Stone Hut, Laura, Bute and Port Broughton are totally worth checking out. The silo art at Wirrabara and Bute were stunning and the Bute one is up there with the best I’ve seen. The Port Broughton Tourist Park
was a great place to stay. It was clean, tidy and has a great set up if you’re traveling with kids.