Shell Service Station – Uluru NT

Shell Service Station Uluru

After the 🥧 disaster at the Culture Centre, I needed to give Uluru another chance to shine. After all this place is absolutely majestic and words cannot describe the beauty of this place.
Now the Uluru precinct hasn’t got a bakery (it bloody should though) nor overflowing with 🥧options, but there was one place I found 🥧’s and I was prepared to give it a crack.
The place I was heading to, was the only place to fuel up and grab a few items and that was the Shell Servo Yalara.
Now servo 🥧’s aren’t my normal thing but these 🥧’s were not your average Mrs Mac or Four N Twenty plastic bag show !!!
The manager went to Tasmania a while ago, tried these things and liked them that much he decided to import them directly into the rock.
Choosing a 🥧 this week was a difficult choice. I needed a bit of help from a few of the staff as the choices were endless. So after chatting to the staff it was decided I give classic chicken curry 🥧 a go !!!! So the staff whipped one out of the oven and I was ready to rock n roll.
1. Value for Money – Look $4.99 was ok value. It wasn’t the biggest pie I’ve had. Its probably slightly bigger then the size of those traveler 🥧’s you see in other Servos. Also you are in a remote part of 🇦🇺, so you need to take that into account with the price tag. 6.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Not bad, maybe a little saggy in the middle but overall satisfactory. 7/10
3. Meat Flavour – To be honest the favor wasn’t too bad at all. The curry wasn’t hot enough for me personally, but the flavor was evident. The 🥧 was littered with a assortment of veggies as well. Not bad 7/10
4. Pastry – Photos will show the base was under cooked, but top was good. As
far as stability was concerned the pie never moved. It was also quite buttery and had a nice flavor about it. 7.5/10
5. Temperature – A little hot. Not sure what temp the 🥧 warmer was at but I had to wait a little bit for it to cool down. But some people way like it that way 7.5/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧35.5/50 🥧🥧
As far a servo 🥧’s go this one wasn’t to bad. After my Uluru horror show the day before, this was a pleasant surprise. Just to clarify these 🥧’s are not cooked locally but imported in from Tassie. The Servo manager Aaron informed me these 🥧’s fly out the door, about 200 to 250 are sold each and every day.
Servo 🥧’s can be very hit and miss but I am glad to inform you all this one gets a big ✅✅ from me. I would be more than willing to have one of these the next time I’m at the Rock. My little mate Nate also gave it the 👍’s up. He smoked his plain beef 🥧 in about 4 bites.
This Servo has most little items you need if you get stuck. Side note – you may need a second mortgage to pay for your fuel with diesel at around $2.06 a litre.
As always a huge thanks to the crew at the Shell Servo Urulu for allowing me to run a muck in your workplace. We had a bit of fun and I’m truly grateful. This was my first official Servo review as well !!!! Might need to do a few more of these.
The ROCK and OLGAS are EPIC. I encourage anyone living in 🇦🇺 who hasn’t been out here to do so. Words cannot describe how majestic this place is. Whether your 8 or 80 this place will leave a lasting impression and put a huge smile on your dial.