Scotty’s Pizza – Tewantin

Scotty’s Pizza

Hi 🥧 and 🍕 lovers !!!! I hope everyone has had a cracking week and have amazing plans for this weekend. Well I said this weeks review was going to be different and it’s massively different !!!! It’s so left field it’s on a totally different field.

A few weeks ago I ducked into my local pizza joint Scottys Pizza and got my usual. After chatting to the lads Scotty SNR and Scotty JNR the boys decided to cook me up something out of the box !!!!! This creation was a cross between a pizza, calzone and a 🥧 !!!! So we came up with the 🥧ZONE.

This father & son team have done absolutely everything. From Pizza’s to Real estate to selling Harleys you name they have done it. Pizza’s have always been in the family’s blood and when COVID hit early in the year the boys lost their jobs and decided to go back to what they do best, and that’s making OUTSTANDING 🍕’s. So the boys opened up Scottys Pizza in Tewantin QLD.

Scottys only opened a few months ago but holy smokes these legends are busy !! Employing 10 staff plus having every known flavour available !!!! These pizza gurus have created a menu for everyone and every ingredient is fresh and sourced locally.

When I arrived I was expecting 1 🥧zone but these lunatic’s made 3 !!!!

– Supreme !!!!!
– Beef, Bacon, ham, cheese !!!
– Beef, Bacon, onion, capsicum, cracked pepper, chili (my favorite) !!!

These things were the size of a family 🥧 and had every single ingredient possible. Not sure how I was going to eat 3 of these buggers but I was determined to give it a good go and leave nothing in the tank.

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – Note these 🥧 zones are not currently for sale but stay tuned on that front it’s happening soon. Let’s say the price was between $20 to $25 these thing’s would be incredible value. The size was amazing and the 🥧 zone itself was quite deep. 9/10 !!!
2. Meat Ratio – This thing was completely full. From top to bottom, there was zero room at all. 9/10 !!!!
3. Meat Flavour – WOW !!! The flavor was amazing !!!! The 🌶🌶 added to the whole experience. Absolutely loved it !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – MINT !!! It was so so good. The top was crazy crusty while the bottom was suburb. 10/10
5. Temperature – I wasn’t waiting for anyone !!!! Straight out of the oven and into my mouth !!!! The temp was perfect !!! 10/10

🥧🥧 Overall Rating 48/50 🥧🥧

I have to say these things were INSANE !!! I’ve got nothing to compare them to as this was my first 🥧 in a box, but I loved everything about them. Would I buy them if they were sold regularly ? Shit yeah !!!! I’ve told these guys to start making them ASAP they would literally walk out the door.

This was a crazy review and I’m so grateful to the team at Scottys for having me in. They were super busy but the whole time I was there it was a absolute crack up. But I need to mentioned the real reason why this small business is flying it’s because of sister Tracy !!!! She’s a single mum of 3 who by day runs her own business and by night is running the show at Scottys and keeping the boys on their toes. Then there’s Grandma Jenny who makes all the home made treats and ice creams !!! And yes Pyney smashed one of those too !!! Result – Bloody Awesome !!!

If your around the north end of the coast this place is a absolute must STOP !!!! Hopefully these 🥧Zones or 🥧 In a box will be on the menu very soon. Until then you will love everything about this traditional 🍕 shop. Here is a another classic example on how a shitty situation like COVID has turned into a raging small business success story and I wish the team at Scottys all the best.