Satisfaction Bakery – Barcaldine QLD

Satisfaction Bakery

After loosing our cash on “Pink Bits” It was time to leave Tambo and head further up the Landsborough Highway. We only had short two hour drive to our destination Lara Wetlands which is located around 30km outside of Barcaldine. We planned to stay there few days have a look around, plus I lined up a review at Barcaldine’s Satisfaction Bakery Barcaldine
Barcaldine Qld is a small country town located approximately a hour north or Blackall and a hour east of Longreach. For the historians Barcy as it’s known to locals is home of the “Tree of Knowledge” and where the Australian Labour Party was formed in 1891. I wasn’t in town for politics, I was there to try the 🥧’s and relax at the picturesque Lara Wetlands.
This bakery/cafe has been on the current site for many years but re-named Satisfaction Bakery & Cafe four years ago by current owner Aaron. Situated near IGA in the Main Street this place is open 6am to 8pm (Mon-Fri) Also open Sat and Sun hours do vary. Aaron has transformed this place from a bakery by day to a cafe by night, so you won’t have any issues finding something to munch on.
Aaron did his trade working in various bakeries throughout Brisbane and was on the hunt for his own place, so when this opportunity came available he packed up and headed west. If not owning a bakery and running 10 staff was enough, Aaron also works for the Barcaldine Shire Council at nearby town Aramac doing “IT” WOW !!! Talk about diversification.
For this weeks review I was going to give, one of Aaron’s “Cheese n Bacon” 🥧’s a run. A few locals gave me the tip the day before and said I wouldn’t be disappointed. Slow cooked dice beef, cooked bacon off the grill, white sauce, Parmesan, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and various seasoning. This was going to taste great.
1. Value for Money – $5.50 was pretty good value for this 🥧. It was a decent sized square 🥧 and bulging at the seams. I’ve said it a million times any 🥧 of this size priced under $6 is very good value. 8.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – No complaints, this 🥧 was nearly jammed packed. Could have squeezed a little bit more under the lid, but overall very good. 9/10
3. Meat Flavour – The flavor was excellent, this 🥧 smelt fantastic. With every bite, came various flavors. The bacon mixed throughout the 🥧 tasted beautiful. The white sauce and seasoning tasted superb. This was a very different tasting cheese and bacon 🥧 completed to what I was used to and it tasted fantastic. 9.5/10
4. Pastry – The top bake was just about perfect, but sadly the bottom bake needed more time in the oven and was under cooked. Stability overall was very good the 🥧 didn’t move. The flavor was also excellent. Apart from the bottom bake the pastry was pretty solid. 7/10
5. Temperature – A smidge 🔥🔥 but overall pretty good. 9/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧 43/50 🥧🥧
The score may not be reflected, but this 🥧 was great. The price point, meat ratio and flavor was clear standouts !!! The flavor was very different but Aaron and his team nailed it. The only real negative was the bottom bake of the pastry and this affected the overall score. Apart from that, this Cheese n Bacon 🥧 was beautiful and one I would 100% try again.
Aaron a huge thanks for having me in, showing me around your workplace. The one thing that stood out for me was your ongoing drive and dedication to make better quality 🥧’s and improve in all aspects of baking. Your a bloody legend mate and I will be back out to see you and your team again.
This Bakery/Cafe is well worth the stop over. Everything is fresh and the variety is massive. Like most small towns, bakeries and pubs are crucial to the towns survival and this town is no different. So if your cruising out this way please pop in, spend some time and money in this cracking town.
I’ve gotta give 2 nearby attractions a massive plug.
– Lara Wetlands is incredible. The privately owned cattle station is “THE” place to stay. Sites directly on the water, thermal baths, kayaking and much more.
Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail at Aramac. OMG !!! OMG !!! This 200km round trip adventure is “Next Level” With 40 plus hand made scrap metal creations you will be totally blown away. It’s a full day out and worth every minute. Plus if you have a van, there is free camping behind the pub.