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2024 🥧 Tour
Review no 14
Roti Pies
(Newport & Narrabeen Beach NSW)

The northern beaches tour continue on and this weeks 🥧 review was a place I completely stumbled upon by accident. After leaving Upper Crust 🥧’s I was cruising along Pittwater Road and saw a sign reading
Roti Pies. The word 🥧 immediatly got the heart racing, but it was the first word “Roti” that had me a little curious. So the next day i headed up to Roti 🥧’s Newport store to meet the team (Dean and John) and smash a few 🥧’s.

Roti 🥧’s Newport is located at 4 Robertson Road Newport and is open Mon to Sat 9am to 2pm. The concept of Roti Pies was created in 2018 by master pie crafter Dean Clarke. This legend has had a serious passion for food and entertaining ever since he was a teenager, and today is widely known and respected for bringing family and friends together utilizing his culinary skills with great food at the centre.

Dean was born in the heart of the UK in the multi-cultural ‘curry capital’ of Leicester. These roots can be attributed to his love of creating delicious Indian-inspired food which he has refined over the last 30 years. The inspiration for Roti Pies was born from his desire to do something special for his daughter’s 21st birthday. The eureka moment to create something really special combining his favourite curries encased in a roti lead to the first Roti Pies being created.

The Newport location is easy to find and can best be described as a “hole in the wall 🥧 joint’. You cannot miss this place, plus the smell of these glorious 🥧 cooking will lead you to the right spot. Dean is a absolute champion fella and we literally sat out the front of the store and talked absolute dribble for about a hour before realizing I was actually there to smash a couple 🥧’s.

There are 6 incredible flavoured 🥧’s on the menu to choose from and all are curry style flavoured. You’ve got options of mild, medium and hot and I mean hot. I did try all the 🥧’s on the board but, for this review I went with the “Lamb Achari” which was on the medium scale end. Oh man this thing looked and smelt amazing.


1. Value for Money – Yes $9.00 is well and truly up there, but these are gourmet curry dish 🥧’s and a decent size as well. I’ve paid similar prices in the Sydney CBD for 🥧’s this size and flavour. At $9 these 🥧’s won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are still very affordable 🥧 7/10

2. Meat Ratio – Busting at the seams !!! This 🥧 was completely full 10/10

3. Flavour – WOW !!!! The flavour in this 🥧 was absolutely stunning. Perfectly cooked lamb, lime pickles, mango chutney, various medium curry spices and tomato paste. This 🥧 got better with every bite and although it was only a medium level curry, this 🥧 did give off a decent little kick. Best way to describe this experience was a curry in a 🥧. Epic flavour guys !!! Loved it !!! 10/10

4. Pastry – This one was a little hard to score as the whole pastry was made from Roti bread and gee it tasted sensational. The flavour of the bread was terrific so was the overall color. I was a little worried about the 🥧’s overall stability as the Roti bread was very thin. As it turns out the stability was pretty good. Yes, you had to be carefull when attacking this beast, but the 🥧’s I tasted all held together firm. The Roti bread pastry was very different but extremely effective. 9/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific !!! No issues here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46/50 🥧🥧

This 🥧 and the review itself was a different experience and I loved every minute of it. This was a bloody good 🥧, in fact every 🥧 on the menu was awesome. Yes $9 is pricey, but as mentioned earlier the best way to describe this experience is like having a “curry in a 🥧” and at $9 it’s still very reasonably priced. The overall flavor was out of this world and the roti bread pastry was something very different. The pastry was nice and thin which didn’t take away from the overall flavour of the curry. Dean and the team have nailed this one and this place is a 100% must visit.

A massive thanks to Dean, John and the team for having me in. The boys are dead set lunatics and I absolutely loved this visit and my time chatting with them. Dean’s passion for cooking curries has seen him turn this into a thriving business. They also deliver 🥧 packs to the northern beaches area and these orders can be done via the website –