Red Cliffs Bakery – Red Cliffs VIC

Red Cliffs Bakery

The 🥧 tour rolled on and we edged our way closer to the SA border. We had a massive day on the road Junee to Mildura over 550km and not much to see driving. So we decided to stay a couple of nights and explore the sights around Mildura.

As with most campsites we stay at, I went for a walk to chat to locals and find out what places we should be checking out. One of the lads at the golf course told me about his local bakery and this mad baker named Peter. The golf lads then got on the phone and lined me up a time to visit the bakery. That’s what I love about traveling is the people you meet on the road and the lengths they go to help you out.

I’d booked in to play comp at the golf course that Saturday, but before I teed off I went into the
Red Cliffs Bakery to meet the team. That’s where i met Peter and his daughter Grace. The bakery has been there for over 100 years which is quite astonishing, while Peter has been there for just over 27 years. I have attached some photos of the old building which are incredible. If these walls could talk imagine the stories that would come out of this place.

This bakery is super old school and the locals love it. The amount of people that told me to come to this bakery was countless. They warned me that you won’t find endless gourmet 🥧’s etc, but what you will find is one of the cheapest plain 🥧’s going around.

Easy choice this week, the boys at the golf club recommended i try the good old plain mince 🥧 as did many others. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had one of these and there was no better place to do it in a bakery that’s over a 100 years old.


1. Value for Money – $4.40 !!!! Yes that’s right $4.40 it’s the cheapest 🥧 I’ve reviewed or had for a long long time. Nothing fancy just a plain mince 🥧. It wasn’t massive but at $4.40 you shouldn’t complain. Exceptional value. 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – This was a difficult one to score as this 🥧 wasn’t that big in the depth department. The meat ratio was ok but 100% needed more. But if the meat ratio is increased then the price may increase too !!! 7/10

3. Flavour – For a plain meat 🥧 this flavour wasn’t too bad. The mince was fine and tender and wasn’t gluggy at all. It’s been a while since I’ve had a plain 🥧 and this one was pretty good. 8/10

4. Pastry – Another mixed bag here. The top bake colour, shape, shrinkage and stability were more than acceptable. The top bake was super flakey and crunchy. On the flip side the bottom bake and sides were a little pale and doughy. While the 🥧 held together the bottom could have been baked a little longer. 6/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific temp. Straight out of the oven into my mouth and smashed. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 41/50 🥧🥧

For a plain meat 🥧 this was a little ripper. The score may not reflect this but it was. The price point was insane at $4.40 and the serving temp was also perfect. The negatives were only minor with the bottom bake and meat ratio. The bottom bake is easily fixed and the meat ratio is a hard one. If they increase the meat ratio then the price would naturally need to go up, so it’s a tough one. Overall I would 100% recommend this 🥧 to any 🥧 lover chasing a good old fashion plain meat 🥧.

If your around the Red Cliff area this is 100% a old school bakery and 100% worth the stop in. You won’t see fancy or fan fair here but you will get good old fashioned service and products of the highest quality at classic 1980’s prices 😂😂.

As always these reviews wouldn’t be possible without the incredible hospitality of the owners and bakers and this visit was no different. It’s pretty awesome Peter is passing the baking baton on his daughter. Peter is an old school baker and a good one as that. You wouldn’t meet a nicer bloke, plus
I’m fairly positive I’ve found a bloke that swears more than me.

Our stay at Red Cliffs Golf Club
was superb. $10 a night, heaps of room, toilets available and the golf course was mint. A huge thanks to the members at the golf club for their amazing hospitality. If you’re a golfing tragic you will love the campsite and golf course.