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Our journey down the Eyre was been unbelievable and we hadn’t even got to the half way point yet. Our next destination was the Coffin Bay / Port Lincoln area. Having the fur babies was a little difficult especially as we wanted explore the both nearby National Parks but we made it happen.

Speaking of exploring there was a couple of bakeries in Port Lincoln I wanted to explore and first on the list was the Port Lincoln Bakery. The bakery is located in Liverpool Street Port Lincoln and is open 6 days a week (7.30am to 5.30pm) The bakery owned for over 30 plus years, but current owner Tom has been there since July 2021.

Originaly from Vietnam Tom arrived to Australia and started working in the Lismore area for 3 years, before moving over to Geraldton WA where he spent 6 years working in another bakery. After marrying his beautiful partner Kieu they decided to move to Port Lincoln to and buy the Port Lincoln bakery.

Tom’s work ethic is phenomenal and he practically lives at the bakery. This work ethic is clearly reflected through his awesome products and excellent cabinet display. All of the usual suspects are on offer with doughnuts and Kitchener Buns are the forefront. My timing was exceptional, as soon as I arrived a fresh batch of 🥧‘s had come out of the oven and into the warmer. With that in mind I was keen to get started.

As soon as I casted a eye over the 🥧 menu, my mind was immediately made up. About half way down in the list I saw the words “Steak Parmargiana” Parmi in a 🥧 !!! Yeah I know it’s not a chicken parmi but it’s a parmi. The word parmi got me excited and that was good enough for me.


1. Value for Money – $5.50 was crazy value. Boat shaped 🥧 and more than acceptable in depth. In fact some of the 🥧’s sold here were $5.20 which is insane value. This one was so easy to score. 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – Cheap and totally full !!!! Another easy one to score. 10/10

3. Flavour – Steak, cheese, tomatoes, blended with a dark gravy with added tomato sauce. The flavour itself was beautiful and you could taste all the ingredients, but in my opinion the 🥧 needed less gravy and bigger chunks of meat. In terms of the actual flavour it was quality. Great stuff team. 8/10

4. Pastry – Color, shape, shrinkage and stability were all near perfect. The pastry flavour was seperb
and had a nice buttery taste to it. On the negative side, the all the bakes were slightly underdone and the bakes were all on the thick side. 7/10

5. Serving Temperature – This big bugger was a fraction on the hot side, not on the piping but had to wait a minute or two before smashing. 9/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44/50 🥧🥧

Overall this was a pretty good 🥧. The price point was insane and it was completely full which was a great to see. The pastry flavour was really nice but as mentioned the bakes were a fraction underdone and tad to thick. The flavour itself was excellent but needed a little more meat and less gravy sauce. Would I have one ? Absolutely yes in fact I had two !!!

This is a old school bakery with all the old school favourites, including old school prices. This bakery may be small, but it packs a serious punch with a huge selection of food on offer. This was another great little find and I’m so glad I popped in.

As always these background stories wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of the staff and owners. In this case Tom was more than happy to share his story and spend quality time with me and I’m so great full for that.

Coffin Bay, Port Lincoln and both National Parks are well worth the visit. Like most places in this area, make sure you give yourself plenty of time as there is truck loads to see and do. The Coffin Bay caravan park was ok (needs work on the sites) while the Port Lincoln Tourist Park was in a great location and very clean and tidy.