Piefection Bakery – Gordonvale QLD

Piefection Bakery

The Tablelands was stunning but it was time to start heading slowly south. We struggled to find any accommodation in Carins as it was fully booked out and booked out for some time. So we made camp once again at the picturesque Garradunga Hotel.
The plan was to check our places such as Gordonvale, Welsh’s Pyramid and the incredible Josephine Falls, but on the top of the list was a 🥧 joint in Gordonvalle called “Piefection Bakery”
Piefection Bakery is located on the Main Street of Gordonvale which is around 30mins drive south of Cairns. Best known for producing copious amount of sugar cane I was hoping this bakery also produced copious amounts of quality 🥧’s.
This weeks 🥧 of choice was a easy decision. I was fanging for a Steak and Curry 🥧 and that’s what I went with. Although the list to choose from was impressive and long I was pretty happy with my decision and couldn’t wait to tuck in.
1. Value for Money – $7 was up here, but this was a bigger 🥧 than normal. The diameter and depth were more than acceptable. No hesitation paying $7 for a 🥧 of this size again. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Full !!! No skimping here !!! 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Perfect !!! This 🥧 had incredible flavor. The meat was beautiful and the curry ratio was also spot on. Great job guys !!! Loved it !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – look, the color, shape, shrinkage, stability and top bake were all perfect. The only negative was the bottom and sides bakes were very thick and a bit doughy. The pasty’s flavor was terrific and for a big and heavy 🥧 it held together beautifully. Overall pretty good. 8/10
5. Serving Temperature – Sadly this one needed to be warmer. While it wasn’t cold it was a tad on the cool side. 7.5/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45/50🥧🥧
This was a beautiful steak & curry 🥧. The price and meat ratio was more than acceptable and the flavor was spot on perfect. Only negatives was the pasty was a bit too thick and doughy and my 🥧 was a little of the cool side. Apart from those 2 minor blemishes, I would have no hesitation having another of these 🥧‘s and giving it my full recommendation.
This bakery is a little beauty, it’s only small in size but big on variety. There was a consultant crowd out the door waiting for 🥧‘s the whole time i was there and from what I’ve been told that’s a common occurrence here.
This whole area Gordonvale, Babinda, Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders, Garradunga should 100% be on everyone’s travel plans. Josephine Falls in particular is unbelievable. The water was absolutely freezing but so worth it.
Another massive thanks to Steve & Kerrie for having us again at their pub. The Garradunga pub has awesome free camping, awesome meals with a awesome atmosphere. Check it out on Wiki.