PIEBOY – Marouba NSW

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Last week was hetic at Fine Foods Sydney and while I was there I assisted the judges at The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition. On Wednesday I caught up with a young man, actually he’s only 12 named Max. I met Max earlier in the year at the Baking Industry Trade Show and since then I’ve taken a keen interest in his 🥧 journey. I promised Pieboy Max the next time i was in Sydney I would review his 🥧’s.
The 12 year Maroubra Local, discovered his love of cooking at age 6 and quickly realised his passion for baking. He’s been baking pies ever since! Family, friends, and neighbours have enjoyed his baked goodness for years so after popular demand, he stepped it up a notch and launched PiEBOY !!! PiEBOY allows him to take his pies to the people!
The young fella bakes once a week, to smash these 🥧’s you’ve gotta have your orders in by Thursday 10pm for Sunday Bake Day and you’ll get your pies delivered by 7pm Sunday !!! That’s right this little legend delivers them to your door around the Maroubra area.
With the dates for Fine Foods locked in, I called Max and said get your 🥧’s ready young man and let’s do a review. This wasn’t going to be any old review, I’d planned to do it live on the UNOX AUS stand at the Trade Show. That meant Max was going to be up on stage in front of a decent crowd, microphoned up and myself plus other chefs judging and reviewing is 🥧’s !!! This is would be very intimidating for a seasoned baker let alone a 12 year, but Max was confident in his product and was ready to go.
Max bakes and sells 4 flavors !!! Aussie beef mince, slow cooked steak, bacon and cheese, Thai coconut chicken and creamy cauliflower. All looked amazing but the one I chose to review was the “slow cooked steak, bacon and cheese”
1. Value for Money – At $8 this represented great value. The 🥧 itself was a very generous size in both diameter and depth. Also don’t forget these bad boys are delivered direct to your door within a set radius in the Maroubra area 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Very good !!! The 🥧 was about 90% full and maybe just a little smidge more could have been added under the lid. Overall you would be pretty happy with the fill in this 🥧 9/10
3. Flavour – Seriously insane !!! The slow cooked steak melted in your mouth and was cooked to perfection. The bacon and cheese mix was the perfect blend and also tasted beautiful. The mouth feel and aroma was more than evident making the overall flavour on this 🥧 first class. Great job !!! 9.5/10
4. Pastry – Bloody Awesome !!! A combination of short crust and topped with a buttery and crumbly layered puff pastry. The stability and colour were superb and the taste of the pasty was something else. Outstanding job young man. 10/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 47.5/50 🥧🥧
This was a stunning product with not many negatives about it. The flavor and pastry was clear standouts. The pastry in particular was full of flavour and super crunchy. The flavour was sensational right up to the last bite. The only thing I was unhappy about was having to share this EPIC 🥧 with the flock of seagulls hanging around the UNOX stand. For a 12 year to bake a 🥧 of this quality is simply mindblowmg. Just a reminder Pie Boy 🥧’s are only available around the Maroubra area and orders can be placed on line at pieboy.au
Max your a incredible young man. Most 12 year old’s are riding skateboards and playing computer games at your age and yet your well on your way building your very own 🥧 empire. Wednesday was a massive and daunting day for you !!! Today Show interview, live 🥧 review then another Q & A interview. Throughout the day your confidence grew and I had to keep reminding myself that you were still only 12. Thank you for coming in and allowing me to share your 🥧 journey. You’re going to be a success at anything you put your mind to.