Penguin Country Bakehouse – Penguin TAS

Penguin Country Bakehouse

After getting the “Tassie 🥧 Tour” off to a flying start it was time to hit the next bakery, plus keep exploring the amazing north west coastline. Next on the list was Penguin Country Bakehouse. One thing that is so cool about Tassie is everything isn’t that far away. The town of Penguin and the bakery was only a short 18km from where we were staying at Turners Beach.

Penguin Country Bakehouse is located right on the water in the Main Street of town. The bakery has been in town for a long time, but in recent times the bakery has moved and now stands on a impressive new site.

Owners Geoff and Sonia have had this bakery for a very long time. Geoff a Tasmanian through and through has been in the baking game for over 40 years and these days is passing is knowledge onto his daughter Nicole. Nicole is no amateur in the baking department either, she has practically worked here since she came out of nappies.

Employing 17 staff and open 7 days a week this bakery is a serious operation. The work space is huge as is the indoor and outdoor seating areas. Once again another bakery with a impressive cabinet display. Every food item looked magnificent and super fresh. Apart from the 🥧‘s something caught my eye straight away and immediately reminded me of my child hood days. This was a tray of chocolate crackles !!! Yes that’s right chocolate crackles. Gee I’ve smashed a few of these over my younger years. Anyway back to 🥧‘s and the real reason I was at the Penguin Bakehouse.
This bakery makes the epic/legendary/infamous “Flaming Penguin” This 🥧 isn’t hot it’s “Flaming Hot”. I first saw this 🥧 earlier in the year, when Sea FM Burnie morning presenter Takesha attempted to conquer this beast and sadly came up second best.

A few years ago I sadly met my demise when I tried to take on a rampant 🔥🌶🥧. I was keen to make amends for my last piss poor effort and take this “Flaming Penguin 🥧” head on. The main ingredient that takes this 🥧 to the next level is the “Blair’s 3AM Reserve”

Blair’s 3AM Reserve is a blistering 2 million Scovilles of pure, natural chili extract blended with red savina habaneros and cayennes. Be warned, 3AM Reserve is not a hot sauce on its own – it is a natural food ingredient of EXTREME proportions.


1. Value for Money – $6.70 was good value for this 🥧. It was a oval shaped, with more than acceptable depth and diameter. Plus the 🥧 was filled with tender cape grim beef that’s not cheap at the moment. 8.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – excellent !!!! 90% full. Only a few bits here and there could have been jammed in this 🥧, but overall very good. 9/10
3. Meat Flavour – I’m not going to lie this 🥧 was friggin 🔥, but still super enjoyable. The cape grim beef was extremely tender. The hot sauce hit me like a tonne of bricks but the overall flavor was actually really good. 8.5/10
4. Pastry – loved it !!! Everything was perfect, apart from the ever so slightest top bake being underdone. The sides and particularly the bottom was superb and tasted terrific. Great job guys !!!! 9.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – This criteria was so important for this review. If the serving temp wasn’t spot on, this challenge could have ended in disaster. I can report these guys nailed the temp. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45.5/50 🥧🥧

Did I finish this 🥧 ? Yes !!! But more importantly I actually really enjoyed it. If you enjoy 🔥🌶 but more importantly hot sauce you will love this 🥧. The cape grim beef was beautiful and chunky. If hot sauce or 🌶’s isn’t your go, then I would suggest you steer clear of the “Flaming Penguin” and give the chunky cape grim beef 🥧 a go, it’s a beauty.
Add this bakery and the little town of Penguin to your travel plans. The bakery is a cracker. It’s got everything you want and more, plus don’t forget the chocolate crackles. Penguin itself is magical, it’s situated right on the beautiful coastline and everywhere you look your greeted by penguins. I’m not talking about real life penguins, I’m referring to big plastic ones, small plastic ones, stuffed ones, even sign posts painted as penguins. It’s a town that has to be visited and take your time it has so much on offer.

Lastly a huge thanks to the entire team at Penguin Country Bakehouse for having me in. This bakery like many others I visit is a real family affair and this is what makes the baking industry so special. Keep up the awesome work guys and stay safe.