Outback Bakery – Darwin NT

Outback Bakery

After a successful review a few days earlier, I was keen to explore what else Darwin had to offer 🥧 wise and get amongst it. So I made some calls, spoke to a few people in the know and eventually all roads led to Fannie Bay and the Outback Bakery.
The bakery has been operating for over 20 odd years, but current owner Tim has been in full control for a tick over 12. Tim hasn’t always been a baker. He’s worked in construction, wind farms and block laying and much more. So when the opportunity came up to buy this bakery and change professionals he jumped at it. After 12 years Tim is now passing his expertise and knowledge onto his son Angus who is now making a name for himself in the baking world.
One of the first things I noticed upon entering was the truck load of trophies on the wall. You name it, this place has won it and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into a few 🥧’s.
Choosing the 🥧 for this weeks review was a piece of cake. Tim wanted me to try one 🥧 and one 🥧 only, this is one of his most popular selling items. I was taking on his famous “Cheese n Bacon”
1. Value for Money – At $5.40 this represented very good value. Yes it’s not the tallest of 🥧’s, but it’s not very often you find a 🥧 for around this price. Plus I’m a sucker for a square 🥧 as well. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Once again photos don’t lie. This 🥧 was very full. Once again it’s not a deep 🥧, but Tim and his team fill them to the brim. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Not bad at all !!!! The mince was nice and tender, while the bacon and cheese was the perfect mix and quantity. As far as cheese and bacon 🥧’s go this flavor was very good. 8.5/10
4. Pastry – The top bake was excellent , while the bottom bake was slightly undercooked (photos will indicate) The shape and color of the 🥧 was top notch and the stability was spot on as well. 8.5/10
5. Temperature – Once again a good baker gets the temp perfect and this 🥧 was no different. I smoked this 🥧 in about 5 bites !!!! 10/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧45/50 🥧🥧
Overall this 🥧 was very good. It’s not often I have a cheese n bacon but this one was superb. The price point was outstanding at $5.40 and right up there with the best. This is your classic working class bakery and this was a classic working class 🥧.
I loved this bakery !!! It’s classic old school with old school prices. Everything you could possibly want is here and then some. How’s this, the joint is open every single day except Christmas and Good Friday. This is another business success story build on bloody hard work and good old fashion service.
Tim and Angus thanks for having me in on short notice.It’s little wonder your business has won countless awards and accolades, the place is humming busy every single day.
During this trip, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and spending time with some outstanding humans and this review was no different. Darwin, Dundee Beach and Berry Springs has totally exceeded our expectations. I encourage anyone who hasn’t been up this way to do so when and where possible. Everything about this place is bloody awesome.