Orange Pie Company – Orange NSW

Orange Pie Compnay

After spending a couple of days cruising around Orange and Bathurst we needed to hit the road and start making our way towards to SA border. The plan was to cut across across to Junee for a short overnighter, but before we left Orange I needed to make a visit to the  Orange Pie Company. The 🥧 Company is located in the Harvey Norman complex it’s very easy to find.

I made a promise to the owners Ben and Mitch back in 2021 that I would visit there 🥧 paradise at some stage. Yes it’s been almost been 2 years but a promise is a promise and I was super excited to be there. The lads opened this place almost 3 years ago just before Covid 19 caused havoc around the country. Most established businesses struggled big time during Covid let alone a new one trying to find its feet. Fast forward 3 years and they’re still powering on employing 11 staff and open 7 days a week. The boys have expanded somewhat and now operate food trucks at various festivals plus sell family sized 🥧 around the area. The smell of all these 🥧’s plus I skipped breakfast was making me super hungry and wanted to get started.

Gee wiz this was extremely tough choosing a 🥧 to review this week. The selection of 🥧’s on offer particularly gourmet ones was terrific. In the end one caught my eye and that was the “Slow cooked beef, caramelized onion bathed in a local IPA brew” I’ve said it a million times before there is no better combination than 🥧’s and 🍺’s


1. Value for Money – $7.50 was great value. This 🥧 was more than acceptable in the diameter and depth department. Most
Gourmet 🥧‘s I’ve reviewed have ranged between $7 and $8. This one at $7.50 represented terrific value 9.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Totally full
and jammed packed with huge pieces of meat. Excellent value.

3. Flavour – 14 hour slow cooked top side beef, caramelized onion and then bathed in a locally Pioneer Brewing Co IPA. The
topside beef was incredibly tender. Only negative and this was minor was the meat was a little dry and I mean little. Apart from this minor blemish this was a beautiful flavoured 🥧. 9/10

4. Pastry – Overall very good. Slight wet lines on top and bottom pasty but only very small. Stability, color, shape all were excellent as was the pastry flavour. 8.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – This bad boy was a little hot. Nothing major. 9.5/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46.5/50 🥧🥧

This 🥧 was a little beauty. It was a gourmet 🥧 of the highest quality. From the price point to the temperature all the scores were very consistent right across the board. Only negative and this was very minor was the meat was a little dry. This can happen with threaded or pulled meat. The pastry flavour was really nice and had a really nice taste to it. These boys have some outrageous creations on there 🥧 menu and every
single one looked the goods. I have zero hesitations recommending this flavoured 🥧, good job boys.

To Ben and Mitch a huge thanks for having me in lads. As mentioned earlier I first met these boys over 2 years ago and I made a promise that I would get to there place and I’m sure glad I did. This place is 100% worth the stop in. It’s in a perfect location for the ladies to do some retail therapy and the men to get stuck into a few 🥧’s. These boys run a terrific business and deserve every success that comes there way. See you boys at this years trade show.

Orange, Cowra, Young and Junee are all worth the stop in. We spent time at all these places and they didn’t disappoint. Our stay at the Junee Golf Club was also very good, I would highly recommend this place for an overnight stay.