Oliver’s Latrobe Bakery Cafe – Latrobe TAS

Oliver’s Latrobe Bakery Cafe

Sadly our time at Mole Creek was over and our Tassie 🥧Tour was also coming to a end. With only 4 days to go before we depart on the Spirit of Tassie we wanted to visit a couple of places we missed early on in our trip. One of these places was “Montezuma Falls”

Montezuma Falls, is near Rosebery on Tasmania’s west coast, it is Tasmania’s highest waterfall at 104 meters. The walk itself is around 10.7km and our plan was to camp the night at Waratah and do the drive down to the falls. The second place I wanted to visit was the little town of Latrobe and one of its star attractions Olivers Latrobe Cafe Bakery.
Latrobe is only a short drive from Devonport and the bakery is located right in the middle of the busy main drag. Open 7 days a week 5am to 5 pm this bakery employs over 18 staff that includes 4 bakers !!! That’s insane for a little town and a bakery of this size.

The bakery is owned by Jim Oliver who has had this place for approximately 8+ years. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Jim, but I was well and truly looked after by production manager Hayden and my little mate Jarrod. I’ve known Jarrod for a few years having judged with him at the Baking Association of Australia Best 🥧 Competition and I was super keen to finally try one of his own creations.

We had a huge day of driving ahead of us, plus we wanted to have a quick look around town, so I didn’t have a lot of time for idle chit chat. Also I was getting a little hangry and was fanging for a 🥧 or 3.

The last few reviews the 🥧 of choice has been very easy, but this week the decision was a little more tougher. The selection of 🥧’s on offer here is excellent. I decided I wanted to give one particular flavored 🥧 a go before we left the apple isle. This was the “Chicken, Brie and Mushroom. It’s not often I review a chicken flavoured🥧 and it was about time I did.


1. Value for Money – $6.50 was terrific value. Yes it’s only chicken and a bit of cheese and mushroom, but it was a great oval shaped sized 🥧. Not quite a gourmet flavored 🥧 but close to it and priced accordingly. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Choc a block !!! Totally full !!! Great job lads. 10/10
3. Flavour – Really nice !!! The threaded chicken was tender, the brie cheese wasn’t over the top and the mushroom was mixed in to perfection. To top it off the 🥧 was bathing in a beautiful white sauce. This was something very different and very enjoyable. 9/10
4. Pastry – A bit of a mix bag here. Color, shape and stability all very good, but there was a little bit of shrinkage on the top pasty. The top bake was golden and very flakey. If you zoom in on the bottom bake you will see both sides has wet lines and the pasty was slightly under baked. The pasty itself did have a great buttery flavour to it which was enjoyable. 8/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46/50 🥧🥧

Apart from a few minor hiccups this was a really nice 🥧. The flavour was superb and the meat ratio was the perfect score. I’ve had a few chicken and camembert 🥧’s on this tour but this particular flavoured 🥧 was a beauty and in my opinion way better. This combination of Ingredients isn’t that common and I’m so glad I chose this 🥧. Good job lads !!!!

This bakery is a little beauty. It’s got everything you need and much more. The selections are massive and there is adequate seating inside to sit and relax. I’ve gotta mention the price of the scallop 🥧 $7.80 is up there with the cheapest I’ve seen on this 🥧 tour. Add this place to your own 🥧 tour.

To Hayden and Jarrod you blokes a bloody legends and thanks for having me in. This is a exceptionally run bakery and you lads play a crucial role in that. Jarrod we all know your a quality baker and this 🥧 was a beauty. Keep up the awesome work mate.

The council run camp ground at Waratah was awesome as was Montezuma Falls. The 10km return walk is very enjoyable and the suspension bridge at the water fall end will get the heart rate going. I’ve also gotta give a plug to one of the best shops I’ve ever seen and that was Reliquaire’s at Latrobe. I have never seen a shop quite like it. Some of the stuff sold here is out of this world and it’s a shop that’s well worth seeing.