Old Fernvale Bakery – Fernvale QLD

Old Fernvale Bakery

This week sees review number one from our recent ten day 2750km trip around western Qld. I was heading to a place I’ve been trying to get into since I started doing this gig !!! Yes I’m taking about the Old Fernvale Bakery.
This joint is one of Qld’s most iconic bakeries, I was super pumped to finally try their 🥧’s plus meet the legendary owners Bill and Lyn Rose. Settling in the area over 35 years ago this dynamic duo has transformed a little bakery into a mammoth operation that employs over 40 staff and a team of expert bakers including head baker Bradley Gordon. Old Fernvale Bakery is a short drive from Ipswich Qld and is situated smack bang in the main drag of community of Fernvale.
Bill & Lyn have literally done everything. From selling bikes, hardware products, real estate, marketing and now running a slick operation that makes and sells thousands and thousands of 🥧’s.
Most people their age have there feet up and living the retired life !!!! but these two are consistently coming up with more crazy business ideas and still have the working passion of twenty years olds and I bloody love that.
After chatting all things 🥧’s, family and Bill’s love for his favorite football teams the “Brisbane Broncos” it was time to get the tour and start eating some quality 🥧’s
Choosing a 🥧 for this weeks review was going to be a task of monumental proportions. Cracking The Da Vinci Code or solving a Rubik’s cube would have been easier than choosing a suitable 🥧. With over 130, Yep that’s right 130 different varieties of 🥧’s, this was epic. So I asked head baker and 🥧 creator Bradley to choose one for me. He picked one of his favorites “Sweet & Spicy Pork”
1. Value for Money – This 🥧 was $7.95 and yep many would argue that it’s up there in price, but this 🥧 weighed in just over 350 grams and was bigger than your normal 🥧. Plus the ingredients used in this 🥧 are not cheap. You need to take out a second mortgage when buying macadamias these days !!! This was a gourmet 🥧 of the highest quality. Overall this 🥧 was well priced and worth every cent 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – 95% full, with maybe a little bit of room left under the lid and I mean just a smidge. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Epic, insane, sensational and bloody awesome !!! That’s just a few words that described the flavor in this 🥧. Spicy pork, honey, salt, pepper, Bradley’s special sauce and cooked macadamias nuts !!! Everything about this flavor was absolutely superb. One of the best flavored 🥧’s I’ve ever had. 10/10
4. Pastry – Puff bottom, buttery top, photos will show one side was slightly and I mean slightly under baked. The flavor of this pastry was also excellent. 9/10
5. Temperature – Perfect, perfect, perfect !!! 10/10
RATING — 48.5/50
Not my usual go to 🥧 but Bradley’s choice was spot on. I fell in love with this 🥧 from the first bite. The flavor was without a doubt was the best I’ve reviewed. The macadamia nuts was a complete master stroke. This flavored 🥧 is a absolute must purchase !!!!
The Old Fernvale Bakery is a experience in itself, this place isn’t your average bakery. The countless awards they have won nearly surpasses the 🥧 menu. This place is a absolute must stop. The whole area has so much to offer and a easy day trip from Brisbane. You can choose to eat on the run or sit and relax in the cafe next door.
This bakery is a machine and every one of the 40 staff working here knows their roles and simply get on with business. It may take me a while, but I’m going to make it a mission to try every 🥧 on this list.
Bill & Lyn I cannot thank you enough for inviting me in and allowing me to share your incredible journey. The ongoing commitment you have shown to the Fernvale area, the entire baking industry and countless charities over the last 35 years is simply remarkable. I’m truly grateful for your time and support of my page.