Native Foodways Bakery

2024 🥧 Tour
Review no 17
Native Foodways Bakery
(Sydney CBD)

With the northern beaches reviews done and dusted I had one more place to visit before I left the area. A few weeks earlier I recieved a call from Unox Aus boss Wayne Viles telling me about this epic little bakery in the Sydney CBD that dishes up all types of 🇦🇺 native foods including sensational 🥧’s. Wayne flicked me the name and contact and nec minute I was on my way to visit Native Foodways.

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise collaborating with people from all communities across 🇦🇺. Its located at 1 O’Connell street Shop F05 Level 3 Wintergarden Sydney and it’s there I met one of the owners Corey.

Native Foodways works alongside a range of collaborators to strengthen the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Peoples. So last year they decided to open up there first bakery with huge success.

The Native Foodways bakery menu is a little different and features native products, such as Kangaroo🥧’s, Kangaroo salami sandwiches plus many other 🇦🇺 native foods.

The number of 🥧’s on the menu isn’t huge but as previously mentioned the different flavours available is sensational. I did try the Kangaroo chili 🥧 which was beautiful, however for this review I went with one of Corey’s favourites and that was the “Lemon Myrtle Chicken 🥧” I could smell the flavour immediately after it came out of the warmer and I couldn’t wait to get started.


1. Value for Money – I’m not going to lie at $9.50 the price is up there. However the ingredients used are quite unique and most likely difficult to source and not cheap. Also I was in the Sydney CBD so everything is expensive. The pie was a very decent size in depth and diameter making the offordability more than reasonable 8.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – About 85% full. Yes this 🥧 had a huge amount of chicken pieces in it, but there were areas that could have been filled 8/10

3. Flavour – OMG !!! The flavour was outstanding. Decent size fresh chicken pieces, lemon myrtle, mixed veggies bathed in a cream based sauce with salt bush and pepper leaf. Every bite was simply stunning including when you got some veggies and i HATE veggies. The best part was the lemon myrtle was the perfect blend. Great job guys !!! 10/10

4. Pastry – Overall pretty good, the color and shape were both terrific, while the shrinkage was quite evident. The bake thicknesses were impressive with the side and bottom bakes cooked right through. The top bake needed a wee bit more in the oven and was slightly underdone. Whilst the creamy sauce was a little runny which made this 🥧 a little tricky to eat, however the stability still held firm 7.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific !!! No issues here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44/50 🥧🥧

This was a quality 🥧 as was all the 🥧’s I smashed while during my visit. The flavour and the ingredients in this 🥧 was the standout for me even with the veggies 😂. Yeah the price is up there but the quality of the the ingredients shone through in this 🥧 and tasted terrific. The negatives where only minor that included that top thickness and bake being a tad too thick and slightly underdone. Overall I loved this flavoured 🥧 and it’s a flavour I wouldn’t normally have tried. This little bakery is a must, so add it to your own 🥧 book.

As monumental thanks to Corey for having me in. This was unique review and I’m forever greatful for his time. Corey isn’t a baker, a near-death workplace accident that saw Corey nearly fall from a great height while working on high-rise scaffolding changed the course of his life and career path. He then turned his passion for native food and his proud indigenous heritage into a thriving bakery. All the best legend and we will catch up again soon. Also a massive thanks to Wayne from UNOX AUS for teeing up this visit.