Nabiac Bakery

2024 🥧 Tour
Review no 11
Nabiac Bakery
(Nabiac NSW)

Forster/Tuncurry was a pretty awesome experience. I found my 5th perfect score 🥧 plus met some epic new friends from the Springridge/Tamworth area. Sadly it was time to hit the road again and continue further south. As I headed out to the highway, I popped into the little town of Nabiac and straight into the
Nabiac Bakery.

I walked in and introduced myself to the current owner Daniel. Daniel has been here for 20 years and owned the place for a smidge over 16 of them. The bakery is located on 85 Clarkson Street Nabiac and is open 6 days a week 5am to 5pm.

The serving area may only be small, but the cabinets are jammed packed with all the old school favouites. This is your classic old school bakery with a great selection on offer. The selection of 🥧’s on the menu is terrific, with over 13 different flavors to choose from making a decision was going to be a little difficult.

As I had another review booked in later that morning, i needed to get a wriggle on and choose a 🥧. After looking at the menu for what seemed like a eternity I eventually went with a old school classic !!! The “Chunky Steak”


1. Value for Money – $6.50 is slightly creeping up there in price for this particular flavour 🥧, but still very affordable. The 🥧 was your standard size in depth and diameter as well. 7/10

2. Meat Ratio – Photos will clearly show this 🥧 was totally full. 10/10

3. Flavour – The flavour of this 🥧 was really nice. The meat chunks were incredibly tender and the gravy sauce was dark and tasted terrific. Just on the gravy sauce it’s a local reciepe that Daniel has created and this gravey sauce made a real difference to this 🥧. Only negative was the gravy to meat ratio was a little out of whack and more chunks of this glorious meat would have been nice. 7.5/10

4. Pastry – The pastry of this 🥧 was very solid. Shape and stability were both very good, however there was a little shrinkage on one side. Bake thickness was very good, but the top and bottom bakes were a little under done. Overall no major issues or nothing that cannot be tweaked. Good job 7.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! Nothing to worry about at all 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 42/50 🥧🥧

Scores will indicate this was a very consistent product and one I did thoughly enjoy. The serving temperature was perfect, which is very important and the 🥧 was completely full. I really enjoyed the homemade rich dark gravey sauce it was beautiful. The only negative and this was small, I would have liked to have seen more meat chunks inside this 🥧. The pastry was also very consistent with only a few minor blemishes here and there. Overall the boys have done a great job with this one. I have no issues recommending this particular flavoured 🥧 to the 🥧 punters out there.

Make sure you take the slight detour off the highway and make a visit to this great little bakery. This is another joint you need to add to your list. Daniel is a cracking fella and whilst my visit was short, Daniel and his team were amazing and I cannot thank him enough for his hospitality. All the best mate.