Musgrave Roadhouse – Yarraden QLD

Musgrave Roadhouse

It’s been at least 12 months since I’ve reviewed a Servo 🥧 !!! So when we pull into Musgrave Roadhouse
for the night and i saw a 🥧 warmer in the shop, I knew this was a great opportunity to give these 🥧‘s a road test.
Musgrave Roadhouse is situated between Hann River Roadhouse and Archer River Roadhouse. Smack bang on the PDR (Peninsula Development Road) you are 450km from Cairns and 570km from the Tip of 🇦🇺.

It’s a great overnight stay if your heading up or back. If your limited for time and just need fuel or a little pitt stop this place will have you covered. After we checked in and unhooked I made my way over to the shop to sus out these 🥧’s !!!!

There’s not a huge amount of options here, but Adam (owner) assured me that the curry flavored 🥧 would hit the spot.


1. Value for Money – $6.50 is up there for a 🥧 of this size, but you have to realize exactly where you are. Musgrave Station is about 2200km from Brisbane. So to get any 🥧 in this area is a added bonus 7/10
2. Meat Ratio – As the photos will show this 🥧 wasn’t massive but it was just about full. The middle did sink and cave in a little bit, but overall not bad. 8/10
3. Meat Flavour – The flavor was ok. The 🥧 was frozen and then re-heated for sale, so it probably had lost a bit of its original flavor. It was the standard curry nothing fancy but hit the spot. 6/10
4. Pastry – The pastry was extremely soft and that’s probably because the moisture build up while re- heating in the plastic bag. The stability was actually pretty good and when tipped upside down didn’t move. The top pastry was cooked great but sadly the bottom pastry was underbaked and raw (photos will show) 6/10
5. Serving Temperature – Could have been a tad warmer but overall it was pretty good. 8/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 35/50 🥧🥧

As far as frozen/Servo 🥧‘s go, this wasn’t to bad. Mannings 🥧‘s are a Cairns institution and I’m positive these 🥧’s taste so much better fresh out of the oven. When we get to Cairns later in the month, I’m going to review the real Manning’s Bakery 🥧’s.

I wasn’t expecting to get a 🥧 at this stopover, considering the distance we were from a major town/city. If your craving a 🥧 while heading to the tip, I can recommend this 🥧. While it’s not going to be your fresh bakery special, it will certainly hit the spot. Would I have smash another one on the way home ? Absolutely yes !!!

Musgrave Station is a little gem and well worth the over night stop over. The meals at the roadhouse are terrific, and the camping facilities are first class. As a added bonus every day around five, John the owner feeds the fresh water crocodiles and turtles. This is a great little show and the kids they will love it.

If your heading up or back from the tip add Musgrave Roadhouse to your list, you won’t be disappointed.
John and Adam a huge thanks for having us. Your little piece of paradise is stunning. We will see you guys again on our way back from the tip.

Next Sunday I will be posting a very special review. A couple of absolute legends in the caravan park in Weipa made me a home made 🥧 from scratch cooked in a Travel Buddy Oven. This was bloody epic and I cannot wait to share this story and review with you guys.

As we head closer to the tip, I’m not sure where the next 🥧 is going to come from, so there’s every chance I could go 🥧less for the next few weeks. Also reception is bloody horrible, so I will do my best to keep posting and keep you guys up to date. The further north we go the worst it gets.