Munchkins Food Van – Mindil Beach Sunset Markets NT

Munchkins Food Van

Our stay in Darwin was sadly over, but gee wizz we had a epic time. Darwin is like a big country town with so much to see and explore, especially if your traveling with a family. The amount of family fun activities are endless and some of these are free of charge.

One of the most iconic attractions in Darwin would have to be the Mindil Markets. These are held Thursday and Sunday nights down at Mindil Beach. From market stalls, exotic food, massage tables, even a mobile barber this place has everything.

The markets kick off around 4pm and holy moly this joint gets crazy busy. If you have no idea what food type you want, you’re going to be in all sorts !!! The options are ridiculous and making a decision is extremely tough. Lucky for me I knew exactly what I wanted and that was to find a 🥧.

Located around the middle of food alley is Munchkins NT food Van. This food truck is one of the lastest additions to the markets only commencing business on Territroy Day (July 1) this year.

Serving a selection of NT specialities this little van is pretty funky. I was greeted by a awesome chick named Kris who guided me straight to the 🥧 oven. Everthing sold here is made fresh by Chef CJ Mendoza from Ski Club’s Epikur.

The Munchkins food van has 4 delicious gourmet flavours to choose from !!! Beef Cheeks, Kangaroo, Buffalo and Crocodile. They all looked outstanding, but in the end I went for the 🐊🥧.


1. Value for Money – Yes $9 is high, but crocodile meat isn’t cheap and this 🥧 would easily fit into the gourmet category. The 🥧 itself was a standard size in hight and weight. Over the last few years I’ve reviewed numerous 🐊 🥧’s and these prices have ranged from $8.50 to $12. At $9 it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I think the $9 price tag is more than reasonable. 8.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – I’d say about 85% full. A little bit here and there stuffed in the corners would be have ideal, but overall no major issues or complaints. 8.5/10

3. Flavour – Fresh 🐊 chunks, coconut, onion leeks, garlic, salt, pepper, and plenty of love 😉 The flavour was incredible. The croc pieces were huge and the mild white coconut sauce was the perfect mix. What I did wnjoy was the mild coconut curry mix didn’t overpower the croc meat. Also this 🥧 had a fair whack croc in it to !!! Loved it !!! Well done team. 9.5/10

4. Pastry – Puffy and full of flavour. The stability was also very good, when tipped on its axis the 🥧 didn’t move. The top bake and sides were cooked to perfection. Only negative was the bottom bake was a little under done. Nothing major but still evident if you zoom in on the pics. Overall this pastry was very good. 9/10

5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45.5/50 🥧🥧

Loved it !!! This was a really nice product. All scores right across the board were very consistent. The flavour of this 🥧 was beautiful. The meat was cooked perfectly. Like chicken it’s very easy to over cook crocodile and if so the meat becomes very dry. In this case the meat was juicy and tasted fantastic. The coconut curry was evident, but didn’t over power the whole flavour. The pastry and meat ratio was also very good as was the serving temp. Yes $9 is up there, but this would be considered a gourmet flavoured 🥧 and the ones I’ve reviewed in the past have ranged from $8 to $12. Overall I really enjoyed this 🥧 and would have another one in a heartbeat. Great job team !!!! For the record I also gave the Buffalo one a test drive and it was EPIC as well.

To Kris a huge thanks for your time and hospitality. The Mindil markets gets out of control busy, but Kris took time out to have a brief chat with me and share there story. This little food van packs a massive punch and is 100% worth a look. The food options at the markets are endless, so making a decision will be very tough. In saying that, if your a genuine 🥧 lover this place will be right up your alley. Supporting new and small businesses is vital and applaude these guys for rolling there sleeves up and having a go. All the best guys I will be back.

Our time in Darwin was pretty awesome. This was our second stint here during this tour and we are still found more places to explore and visit. The Lee Point Village Resort was a perfect place to stay. It’s a big park, clean, friendly and relatively close to shops and beaches etc. Also if you wanting to leave your van there to go to Bali $10 a night is an absolute bargain. Will stay here again for sure.