Mole Creek Hotel and Tassie Tiger Bar – Mole Creek TAS

Mole Creek Hotel and Tassie Tiger Bar

Deloriane and Mole Creek has got so much to offer it’s ridiculous. Already we have visited Truffle Farms, Honey Farm, Alum Cliffs and done some insane walking tracks. But there was one place I was super excited to visit and that was the Mole Creek Hotel and Tassie Tiger Bar. Not only is this place one of the best country hotels in Tassie but it has a reputation for making the best home made 🥧‘s too.

Mole Creek and the Mole Creek Hotel is situated about 30km west of Deloraine. Mole Creek Itself is relatively small but the pub is smack bang in the middle of town and cannot be missed.

Mole Creek is one of a few last known sighting areas of the famous Tasmanian Tiger. The Tasmanian Tiger, which is considered to have become extinct by 1936. There are many reasons why people are fascinated by this animal. Perhaps it is its name and the romantic notion of Australia having its own ‘tiger’. Perhaps it is the fact that there are people who claim to have seen a Tasmanian Tiger and believe it may not be extinct after all.

Publicans Doug & Romona have turned this Hotel into a shrine to this mysterious Tasmanian icon. Everywhere you look it’s Tiger related. The main bar is pretty awesome and if you want a serious history lesson on this animal, they’re no better place to do it, plus you can do it over a few cold beers.

There is no better combination in my opinion than 🍺’s and 🥧’s and this Hotel makes the famous “Tasmanian Tiger 🥧” All homemade and made by Romona right in the pubs kitchen. There is a catch, you’ve gotta be quick as these things are selling faster than dunny paper was during the height of Covid. The demand for these 🥧‘s is huge and I missed out on my first visit which was ok, just meant I had to return the next day and spend more time at the bar.
I didn’t need to choose a 🥧 for this weeks review as I was here for the “Tiger 🥧” Ramona often jokes with tourists that the 🥧 is filled with fresh “Tasmanian Tiger” it’s a great story, but the 🥧’s are actually filled with slow cooked lamb in secret dark rich gravy sauce. After 8 weeks in Tassie I was about to get stuck into my first “Tiger 🥧” OMG this thing looked the goods.


1. Value for Money – $8 (take away) was terrific value for this 🥧. It was a decent sized 🥧 and more than generous in diameter and depth. Also the cost of lamb these days is skyrocketing and that needs to be taken into account. Most 🥧‘s I’ve consumed in pubs have ranged from $7.50 to
$9.50 ish so $8 was once again outstanding value. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Totally full and full with huge chunks of lamb. Zero room left in this 🥧. 10/10
3. Flavour – Remarkable !! The flavour in this 🥧 was incredible. The lamb was slow cooked to perfection and melted in your mouth. The rich dark gravy sauce is a secret recipe of Romona’s and not even Doug knows what’s in it. This gravy sauce completely made this 🥧. Everything about this flavour was PERFECT !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Colour, shape, shrinkage and stability were all perfect. The pastry flavour was also impressive and the tiger on the top was a great addition. The only negative was the wet line just underneath the top pastry. Once again only a minor blemish but still evident. Apart from this small issue this pastry would have been perfect. 9.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 49/50 🥧🥧

I could crap on and on about how good this 🥧 was, but your going to have to get to the Mole Creek Hotel and try one for yourself. It was that good i grabbed a hand full to take away with me. On a serious note, this was a beautiful 🥧 and Romona has done a tremendous job for someone with no baking experience. Loved every bite and didn’t want this experience to end. As I said earlier make sure you don’t muck around getting here as these 🥧‘s sell out fast.

I’ve visited some of the most iconic pubs in the country like Daly Waters, Nindigully, Birdsville and Humpty Doo just to name a few but this one is right up there. The 🥧’s, 🍺’s, meals and camping are all first class and this is a pub/camping location that you cannot miss. Speaking of camping the 15th “Day at the Creek” will be held on Feb 25th. If you like music, beers, camping and fun make sure you check this out.

To Doug, Romona and staff and massive thanks for having me in. I loved every minute of this review. I won’t forget sitting in your bar listening to all the epic stories from the locals. You guys are the ultimate publicans and what you have created in this pub is truly remarkable. Hopefully I will be back to see you guys in February.

Our time at Deloraine and Mole creek was unbelievable and certainly one of the highlights of our trip thus far. You need to give yourself a good week to see and explore everything in the area.