Moama Bakery – Echuca VIC

Moama Bakery

After settling into the caravan park it was time to hit the streets and start exploring a few bakery options to review. From memory there was four bakeries in the area, so I put the call into a mate of mine named Buster who’s had lived in the area for years and I’m positive he would know the where I should go.

One place he mentioned was Moama Bakery @ Port Of Echuca. This bakery is located in the tourist area of High Street Echuca and is one of three owned by Dave and Jacqui for the last 22 years. Open daily this bakery has a great selection of 🥧’s, bread and other epic goodies.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Dave and Jacqui, but bakery manager Victoria was more than willing to show me around. As with most bakeries the girls were very busy so we needed to get cracking.

VIctoria gave me a few options and in the end I couldn’t make a decision, so I tried two 🥧‘s. The new cheeseburger 🥧 and the chunky pepper steak 🥧. I decided to do this review on the chunky pepper steak 🥧.


1. Value for Money – At $7.60 it’s right up there in price. Yes it was a decent sized 🥧 but nothing special. Most gourmet 🥧‘s I’ve reviewed are in the $7 range but this wasn’t a gourmet. 6/10
2. Meat Ratio – FULL !!! Check out the pics. Great work. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Terrific !!! The pepper corns were hotter than normal, which I loved. The meat (both mince and shredded chunky) was beautiful. This was a great flavored 🥧. 9.5/10
4. Pastry – Overall very good, everything about it was almost perfect except for the top and bottom bakes that were slightly underbaked. Stability, color, shape and shrinkage were all a huge 👍‘s up. The color in particular was superb. 9/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect, straight out of the warmer and into my gob. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44.5/50 🥧🥧

As far as pepper flavored 🥧‘s go, this one was right up there. The pepper was hotter than the normal and I loved it. If you like your pepper 🥧’s slightly hotter than normal than this 🥧 is for you. The meat was a mix of mince and shredded chunky beef and this was beautiful. The only real negative for me was the $7.60 price tag. Yes the 🥧 was very nice, but $7.60 is well and truly up there. I also tried the new cheeseburger 🥧 while I was there and it was great.
As always a huge thanks to store manager Victoria and Lisa for their time and hospitality. The girls were extremely busy, but still found time to show me around.

This bakery is a little cracker and 100% worth the stop in. The building alone is worth the visit. The place has ample seating and is open 7 days a week, plus don’t forget their two other stores located around the Echuca and Moama area. It’s a real shame I didn’t get to meet Dave & Jacqui, but we will be back to Echuca again the place is incredible.
One place you need to visit while in Echuca is the The Great Aussie Beer Shed & Heritage Farm Museum (on wiki) this place is off the planet !!!! One man’s (Neil) private collection of over 47 years and it’s truly remarkable. It’s a must visit. (Photos attached)