McCarthy’s Bread Lounge – Ulverstone TAS

McCarthy’s Bread Lounge

Tassie 🥧 Tour 2022 Review no 9 MrCarthy’s Bread Lounge (Ulverstone Tas)
After 8 months of planning we were finally on the “Spirit of Tasmania” and as far a organization goes, this ship has it down to a fine art. The whole boarding process, room allocation, facilities and activities were all first class. The best part was our cruise across the Bass Straight” was smooth sailing. That’s a good thing because this 🥧 man get massively sick in the slightest of rough seas.
After disembarking we made the short trek to Turners Beach where we planned to stay a couple of nights. This was for a couple of reasons, one to get our bearings, but most of all I had lined up my first Tassie 🥧 review and this was at McCarthy’s Bread Lounge in Ulverstone.
Ulverstone is approximately 20km west of Devonport and the bakery is located right in the main area of town in Reibey Street. You cannot miss this place, keep a eye out for all the black signage and a epic little courtyard/seating area outside.
Owners Shaun (legendary name) and Amy are relatively new to this area. They took over this existing bakery (under a different name) about eighteen months ago. Shaun has been baking for over 25 years and worked in a number of successful joints over on the east coast. With over 15 staff and open 7 days a week this place is awesome. Apart from the stunning cabinet display one thing that caught my eye was the amount of room in this bakery inside and out. It’s the ultimate place to catch up with loved ones and smash some quality food. Speaking of quality food, I was itching to get cracking and keen to get my first Tassie review under way.
Shaun bought out 🥧 after 🥧 for me to try l, but I was only ever going to review one 🥧 for my first review and that was a famous tassie scallop 🥧. The only decision was whether go with the curry or mornay. In the end the curry got the nod.
1. Value for Money – I didn’t have much to go from, but before we arrived i did do a heap of research on the various prices of scallop 🥧‘s and $8.50 represented great value in this instance. With roughly 8 to 10 scallops in every 🥧 your getting terrific value for your buck. Height, depth and diameter of this 🥧 were all a big 👍’s up. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Photos will show this 🥧 was full, actually all their 🥧’s were packed to the brim. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Excellent !!! Fresh scallops, yellow curry sauce. green parsley, mixed vegetables. Every bite was a superb. The scallops were fresh and of decent size. Loved it 9.5/10
4. Pastry – Color, shrinkage, shape and stability were all perfect. The only negative once again was the sides and bottom bakes undercooked. This may sound harsh but getting this right is a important part of the pasty’s overall score. In saying that the pasty did taste really good and was super crisply on top. 8/10
5. Serving Temperature – The serving temp is so important and these guys nailed it. 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 47/50 🥧🥧
My first tassie scallop 🥧 was a huge success. The price and meat ratio were the standouts plus the flavor was stunning. What i did enjoy was the yellow curried sauce it was bathed in. The curry wasn’t overpowering and the vegetables were also the perfect blend. I didn’t stop at one 🥧 !!! I also tried the mornay, breakfast, curried chicken, kangaroo and mushroom 🥧‘s. Did I leave this place in a total complete food coma ? Yes !!!! Add this bakery to your list guys, it’s a little beauty. If this experience is the bench mark for what’s to come, I’m in for a ripping 🥧 tour.
Adam, Amy and team thank you very much for your hospitality and travel tips. Shaun is a cracking fella and with a name like Shaun why wouldn’t he be. It must have been a difficult decision starting your own business during the pandemic and lockdowns, but you guys a flying and the countless awards your bakery has won, speaks volumes about your work and happy team environment. I need to mention the work Shaun does in the mens mental health space. The lads from the man walk and RUOK groups regularly meet at his bakery and he takes good care of them. On top of that the bakery supports both charities through 🥧 drives and other fundraising initiatives.