Mace’s Hot Bread – Miles QLD

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Mace’s Hot Bread

After leaving Fernvale we headed further west and made our way to the little town of Jandowae. After spending the night camped at the Showgrounds and smashing a feed at the pub, we hit the road early and made our way over to Miles, where I had locked in a review at Mace’s Hot Bread Miles.
Owners Brett Gorry and Jessica Gorry have operated this place since 2010. Brett was born in the area and first started here as a 15 year old and did his apprenticeship ironically in the same bakery he and Jess would later own. Jess also pastry chef, started her baking journey in South Australia and soon moved to Darwin where she met Brett. In 2010 the opportunity came up to head back to Miles buy the bakery.
Upon arrival I was blown away how busy this joint was and the enormous variety of food on offer. I had one eye on the 🥧 warmer and one on a caramel doughnut that was staring me down. I needed to remind myself the real reason I was here and get my eyes back to the 🥧 warmer. It was time to start taste testing.
After perusing the 🥧 menu, I was initially going to have a crack at the pepper 🥧. I soon changed my mind after speaking to a local in the shop and me insisted I give the Slow Cooked Chunky Beef, Tomato and Onion 🥧 a run. He was very confident this 🥧 wouldn’t let me down and I’d be pretty impressed.
1. Value for Money – $5 was insane value for this size 🥧, actually if your buying any decent 🥧 for $5 these days your doing well. Nothing more to say except this 🥧 was terrific value and worth every cent. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Totally full. The chunks were huge and the tomato and onion was a perfect blend. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Absolutely perfect !!! The photos may indicate the meat was dry, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The chunky meat was cooked beautifully and the pieces were huge. The tomato and onion were also perfect and the exact right blend throughout the 🥧. The special gravy sauce topped this 🥧 off. Arguably the best tomato and onion flavored 🥧 I’ve ever had. Loved every bite !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Top bake was slightly undercooked and I mean ever so slightly. Bottom bake ✅ stability ✅ pastry flavor ✅. Overall this pastry was very good. 9/10
5. Temperature – This 🥧 was gone and smashed in about 6 bites and I wasn’t sharing it with nobody. Temperature was spot on. 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 49/50 🥧🥧
This was almost the perfect 🥧. From the price to the pastry to the temperature everything about it was first class. $5 was ridiculously cheap, but the best part was the flavor !!! OMG OMG this was sensational. It not often I have a tomato and onion but this was the best one I’ve ever had. It was that good there was no way, I was sharing my 🥧 with anyone let alone my wife.
I’m so glad I locked in this bakery to review, the place “bloody rocks” Everything that’s sold here is made from scratch !!! The food is of the highest quality and is baked with ♥️. Open 6 days from 4am to 4pm, this bakery will easily take care of your sweet and savory cravings.
Brett & Jess you guys are simply incredible. Juggling a successful business, 9 staff and on top of all that raising three amazing kids is next level. I cannot thank you enough for spending your precious time with me and letting me loose in the bakery. You run a outstanding business and don’t change a single thing. I wish you legends all the best in the future and I will be back !!
If your heading out this way, please make Miles one of your stop overs. It’s a cracking joint with heaps to check out. One place defiantly worth stopping in is the Miles Historic Village Museum. It’s virtually a little town recreated, with pubs, post offices, blacksmiths and best of all a “bakery” It was great value and very enjoyable.