Little Tree Bake & Brew House – Samford QLD

Little Tree Bake & Brewhouse

4 months ago when i put the call out for bakeries for Pyney’s Pie Day I was worried I wouldn’t get 10 let alone the 100 plus bakeries that have currently committed. One of the first to jump on board was a bakery in the Samford Village.
This wasn’t no normal bakery it was a place that brews its own coffee, seats a 100 plus patrons and legend has it bakes the most incredible 🥧’s !!!! I knew immediately, I had to book in a review and try these amazing creations. So last Wednesday i hit the road in the new truck and headed for the Little Tree Bake & Brew House.
This bakery sits on the site of the Old Homestead Restaurant. But the former restaurant is barely unrecognizable. Owners Ven, David & Jamana have transformed this building into a tranquil paradise. Operating for just over 2 years and employing over 25 staff which includes 3 bakers. This place will knock your socks off. this isn’t your traditional bakery it’s a cross between a bakery/cafe/restaurant. The 3 owners have been around the Samford area for many many years operating various cafes/restaurants before joining forces and opening this place. The menu is extensive and plentiful, but I wasn’t here for anything else but 🥧’s 🥧’s and more 🥧’s !!!!!
This weeks choice of 🥧 was one of the easiest decisions ever !!!!! As soon as I lined up this review, I did my research and there was only one 🥧 I had my eye on. That was the Beef & Shiraz 🥧.
🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧
1. Value for Money – $8.50 !!! Yes that’s right $8.50 !!!! Yes I know it’s up there but once you take a look at this 🥧 and the level of ingredients that are in it you will soon realize why it’s priced at that. The 🥧 was heavy as lead and as far as size was concerned it was a decent one. I know some would say it’s a little pricey but it was well worth the $8.50 price tag. trust me. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – For $8.50 you’d expect this 🥧 to be FULL and i mean Full !!!! And it was. This 🥧 was filled to the top with the highest quality beef. Another perfect score 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – From the first bite till the last the flavor took me to another place. The meat was cooked to perfection, while the Shiraz flavor littered throughout the 🥧 was also perfect mix. Then add beef stock, salt, pepper and Jamana’s secret spices. I could keep dribbling on for ages about this flavor but I’m going to stop right here and score it a perfect score 10/10
4. Pastry – OUTSTANDING !!! The puff pastry was amazing. Golden and crusty on the top and the base was soft and full of flavor. Zero complaints !!! This pastry was perfect 10/10
5. Temperature – Perfect !!!! Perfect !!! Perfect !!!! I wasn’t waiting for anybody or anything 10/10
🥧🥧 Overall Rating 49/50 🥧🥧
What can I say !!!! I absolutely loved this 🥧 !!!! Everything about it was superb. The flavor was out of this world. Plus meat chunks were massive and incredibly tender. The puff pastry was up their with the best I’ve had. This 🥧 oozed class !!!! The traditionalists will argue it’s prize tag, but once you have tried and tasted this 🥧 the price point won’t be a concern.
This Bakery is very funky and classy. What Ven, David & Jamana have done to this place is mind blowing. As the photos indicate when this place was renovated the owners didn’t hold back and trust me this Bake and Brew House is 100% worth the visit. Also coming soon is a new bar area, what more would you want 🥧🍺
I haven’t been to the Samford Village for many years and boy this place has changed. It’s a busy and bustling community filled with so many interesting points of interest. What’s makes this cracking village more appealing it’s only a short 30/35min drive from the Brisbane City and 90 comfortable minutes from the Sunshine Coast.
2020 was a very tough for this small businesses last year but I’m happy to report these guys have come out the other side with flying colors. With seating for well over a 100 plus people, local support plus the weekend tourist trade are vital to its long term survival.
As mentioned earlier Jamana and the crew were one of the first bakeries to put their hand up for Pyney’s Pie Day and I’m truly grateful for their support. Last Wednesday on my visit it was ridiculously busy, yet Jamana was more than willing to chat and show me around her beautiful establishment.