Keppel Bakery – Yeppoon QLD

Keppel Bakery

Hi 🥧 lovers a few weeks ago I hit the road bound for Rockhampton to watch a bit of footy and of course do another 🥧 review. While I was up in Rock Vegas, I snuck down to the picturesque coastal town of Yeppoon.

This town brings back so many good memories. I did spend 5 of the best years of my life at boarding school with so many great mates and mates for life. Back then there was a legendary place called 🥧 alley. Everyone who’s anyone that’s been to Yeppoon knows where and what 🥧 alley was. !!! Fast forward 27 years and sadly 🥧 alley is gone but there’s a new king in town and that Keppel Bakery.

Owner Brad has had this place since June 2017. Brad has been around the traps working in hotels, pubs, franchise bakeries most of his life. Like most small business owners decided to leave the PAYG security and have a crack and work for himself.

This place is situated smack bang right in the main drag of Yeppoon. Brad employs 12 staff in this cracking joint including mum Lyn !!!! Now Lyn is the one that keeps Brad in line plus she’s one of the main reasons why this Bakery ticks along and having huge success.

I was supposed to post this review several months ago when COVID first hit but due to circumstances that didn’t turn out so I was massively excited to pop back up there to see Brad again and tuck into one of his 🥧’s.
As always I leave the 🥧 of choice up to the bakery owners and this week Brad handed me one of his favorites the classic Chicken Curry. Now one of my followers Lisa Salter has been into me for 12 months to review a Chicken 🥧 so Lisa this ones for you.

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – $5.80 This was great value for this sized 🥧. It was shaped like the MCG and was quite deep as well. It’s not very often you get to smash a oval shaped 🥧9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Pretty good actually. This 🥧 was almost full plus it was filled with huge pieces of tender chicken pieces. 8.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – The flavor was really good. I’m a huge fan of a curry 🥧 that has a little extra kick in it and this one did !!!! The chicken pieces were so tender, then add in peas, corn and little pepper. 8.5/10
4. Pastry – Without a doubt the fluffiest and crustiest pasty I’ve ever had !!!! It took at least 2 bites to get through the top alone !!!!! The base was firm as until the last bite. 9.5/10
5. Temperature – yep spot on. A tad hot but Brad grabbed one straight out of the oven and I immediately smashed it. 8.5/10

🥧Overall Rating 44/50🥧

For my first chicken curry 🥧 this was really good. The best part was the pastry by a mile. I cannot get over how think and crusty the top was. The price point was spot on at $5.80.

This bakery is a terrific place and has absolutely everything you need and more. Brad’s got so many varieties of 🥧’s, rolls, sandwiches and don’t forget the tasty treats !!! If you leave here hungry you need to give yourself a upper cut.
Huge thanks to Brad for being so patient this review its been a long time coming and I’m so grateful for his time. He’s a terrific fella and works his butt off and deserves every success that comes his way.

Yeppoon is a bloody awesome spot !!! So much to see and do. Whether or into island hopping or simply want to chill out and relax, you will have a great time. It’s always great coming back here and seeing old friends and of course smashing one of Brad’s 🥧’s.