Kenilworth Country Bakery – Kenilworth & Mooloolaba QLD

Kenilworth Country Bakery

Pyney’s 🥧 Reviews hit the road again this week to my possibly my favorite Hinterland town of Kenilworth. Only 40mims from Noosa you will find this scenic paradise. Blink and you will probably miss this wonderful town but one place you won’t miss is the Kenilworth Country Bakery !!!!!! Now most of you would be thinking doughnuts when you mention Kenilworth Country Bakery but don’t be fooled there 🥧’s pack a serious punch 🥊🥊.

This bakery is a family affair !!!!! dad (Jeff) and sibling Nathan and Jenna. Jeff has been cooking delights since the 80’s and now sharing his expertise to the kids and over 20 staff !!!!!! Jeff is a absolute champion ex banker than baker and seasoned barefoot skier !!!!! Purchasing this place 3 years ago and now turning this bakery into a serious business with over 3000 doughnuts being sold weekly and one of the best challenges ever the 1kg Doughnut !!!!!! But as previously mentioned 🥧’s are where it’s at and WOW !!!!!

Initially I was only going to sample 1 but that soon went out the window when Jeff brought out his Chunky Steak, Chunky Steak and Cheese and Bacon & Chicken Mornay !!!! It was hard to review only 1 so bugger it let’s do the 3 !!!!!!

🥧🥧 The Review 🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – At $6.80 yeah it may be considered a little pricey but these were serious 🥧’s. A very handy size and a meal almost itself. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Once again like all good bakers these buggers were fully loaded !!!!! zero room left. 10/10
3. Meat Flavor – Chunky Steak – WOW WOW WOW !!!! Huge chucks of tender meat plus flavors that were mouth watering. 10/10 Chicken Mornay – This was outstanding !!!! Fully loaded real chicken breast. This was really good 9/10 – Chunky steak, cheese & bacon – While I’m not a huge fan of this 🥧 I was totally blown away. The meat and real bacon was so tender. Probably my favorite one tasted 10/10 – Overall score – 9.6/10
4. Pastry – The best !!!! all 3 melted in my mouth until the last bite. Flakey but not heavy. 10/10
5. Temperature – I didn’t give these 🥧’s a chance to get cold. Temperature was perfect and couldn’t be faulted. 10/10

Overall Rating 49.1/50 🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧

These 🥧’s deserved a serious rating and that’s exactly what they got . If you think this bakery just serves up awesome doughnuts think again. Jeff and his team of bakers are serious 🥧 makers !!!!!! This bakery is a absolute must whether it’s a weekend visit or passing through with the caravan. With ample parking and so much space out the back this place is bloody awesome !!!!! Weekends can get busy but be patient grab a table out the back, have a coffee and get stuck into these 🥧’s.

Once again a massive thanks to the team at Kenilworth Country Bakery for having me and educating me on this place and his 100 year old history. To get a real appreciation for this place check out all the photos attached. I had so much fun chatting to Jeff and the kids I could have stayed for hours. Not sure if this Pie reviewer can smash the new 2 min record for the doughnut but more than happy to accept any pie challenge sent my way !!!!!!