Heritage Pies & Pastries – Goolwa SA

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Heritage Pies & Pastries

After starting the SA tour off with a bang we continued further south and decided to spend 3 days around the Port Elliot area. Not only did this area have so much to see and explore it also had three or four bakeries that were on my hit list. First on that list was Heritage Pies & Pastries
located at Goolwa.

The bakery was first opened in 1995 by current owners Michael & Vicki. Michael has been in the baking game for a tick over 40 years which is quite remarkable. Like most successful businesses you need a succession plan and this bakery is no different. That’s where Kym and Josh step in. Kym for example has also been baking at this bakery for over 21 year. Soon the both lads will transition from bakers to owners, meaning this bakery will have a successful longevity and be around for many a year to come.

This bakery is located in Cadel Street Goolwa. One things that’s very impressive is this bakery has a full drive through service. When Covid 19 struck most businesses had to think outside the square to
survive and this bakery certainly did that. They tweaked a few things in the building’s structure and nec minute 🥧 lovers had access to a full drive through service.

The bakery itself has so much room inside and out and once again the cabinet display here was very impressive. I had my eye on two items in particular, the doughnuts that’s looked outrageous and of course the endless selection of 🥧’s on offer. So before I tucked into a doughnut or three i needed to choose a 🥧 to review.

For this weeks review I left the decision totally up to Kym. With so many to choose from it was getting quite difficult to pick one in particular. There is one 🥧 Kym wanted me to try and it’s one of their most popular and totally left field. It was there “Chili Plum Pork” and it smelt and looked incredible.


1. Value for Money – $6.50 was terrific value. Depth and diameter were great and this in my opinion is a gourmet flavoured 🥧. Zero issues with the $6.50 price tag. 9.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Check out the photos !!! This 🥧 was totally full. 10/10

3. Flavour – Totally insane !!! slow cooked chili pork, carrots, capsicum and onion. Then all these quality ingredients bathed in a family home made plum sauce. This sauce has been in the family for many many years and it tasted beautiful. This flavour was absolutely perfect. 10/10

4. Pastry – Colour, shape, shrinkage and stability all perfect. On the bake department, the bottom and sides were cooked right through and perfect, while the top bake had a slight wet line just under the lid. This was the only negative in what was a beautiful pastry. 9.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific temp. No issues here. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 49/50🥧🥧

As the score suggests this was a stunning 🥧. Everything about it was first class. The flavour in particular was beautiful. That home made sauce was something else. This flavoured 🥧 was something I’ve never tried before and I’m so glad I did. This was a quality product, good job guys.

This bakery is a absolute must visit. Everything you could possibly want or need is sold or made fresh here. The selection is endless and your going to have a tough decision on not what to buy. If your in a hurry there is still no excuses because as mentioned earlier this place offers a full drive through service.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Michael and Vicki on my visit, but Kym, Josh and the staff well and truly looked after me. It was super busy during my visit and the team at the bakery were so patient and I’m truly grateful for that.

The little town of Goowla is totally worth the stop in. The entrance to the mighty Murray river is only a short drive and worth a look as is the old buildings that litter that main area of town.