Hennessy’s Bakehouse – Devonport TAS

Hennessy’s Bakehouse

After a few days of driving here there and everywhere, it was time to make camp and relax for a few days before we sailed home. With over 41 reviews done and dusted it’s been a massive 🥧 tour. The job wasn’t finished I still had one last visit lined up and this was Hennessy’s Bakehouse Devonport.
Hennessey’s Bakehouse is located in the Woolworths complex in the heart of Devonport. Owners Damian and Ayesha took over this place on their own 4 years ago. It was awesome to finally meet these guys, we have had endless phone conversations and they were the first Tasmanian bakery to register for my charity day.
Damian’s story is quite incredible. Up until 4 years ago, he had no baking experience whatsoever. See Damian was a Accountant !!! Yep that’s right he was a full blown bean counter turned baker. Talk about career change !!!
This young couple have turned this bakery into a thriving business that employs over 14 staff and is open 6 days a week 6am to 5pm. This is yet another bakery with a super impressive cabinet display. I had my eye on multiple products and i hadn’t even got to the 🥧 warmer yet.
Speaking of the 🥧 warmer the one here was totally full and with so many options available. One of these options on the list was one of Damien’s favorites and that was the “Moroccan Lamb” It’s been about 2 years since I’ve reviewed one of these flavoured 🥧’s and 2 years too long.
1. Value for Money – $6.50 was outstanding value. This was a gourmet flavoured 🥧 and I’m my opinion $6.50 was pretty cheap. Back to back oval shaped 🥧 too and this was also a first for me. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Very impressive, about 95% full and full of slow cooked lamb. Great job. 9.5/10
3. Flavour – Slow Moroccan cooked lamb, honey, tomato’s, carrot, chick peas, onion and loaded spices !!! The ingredients speak for themselves. The 🥧 was a smidge dry and this was fractional and the only negative. Apart from this the overall flavour itself was really enjoyable and I loved the extra kick. 8.5/10
4. Pastry – Like the last review this pastry was another mixed bag. The colour looked mint, shrinkage was minimal and stability was first class. However the bottom bake and both sides were way too thick and ever so slightly under done. The actual pastry itself tasted great and the top bake was golden and flakey. 7/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect !!! 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45/50 🥧🥧
Seriously apart from the bottom bake of the pastry this was a quality product. The price was cheap, the 🥧 was just about full and the flavour had a little extra kick to it, which was enjoyable. I’ve said it countless times getting the bottom bake perfect takes serious skill and time. Overall I would have zero hesitation recommending this flavoured 🥧. Great job team.
Hennesseys bakehouse is yet another place to add to your own list 🥧 lovers. It may be small but this bakery packs a hell of a punch. I also tried the Pepper Steak 🥧 while I was there and it was superb.
Damian, Ayesha and team thanks for having me in and letting me loose in your work place. This is yet another example of a young family rolling there sleeves up and having a crack in the baking industry. What’s even more impressive is Damian’s continuous drive to improve on his current skill set. I absolutely love this !!!!
Our stay at Mersey Bluff Caravan Park was pretty awesome !!! The park itself is cosy, clean and the location is easily a 5 star !!!! Whether your getting off the boat or waiting to get back on, this place is a terrific place to make camp and super relaxing !!!
Our Tassie 🥧 Tour was incredible and the memories will last with us forever. Sunday night I will be posting my “Tassie Awards” This will include Best 🥧, Best Review, Best Free Camp, Best Caravan Park, Plus a few other special mentions. So keep a eye out for that.