Heinemann’s Country Bakery – Charleville QLD

Heinemann’s Country Bakery

Evening 🥧 legends. Last weekend one of my footy dads Paul Lui Va’a headed to Charleville Qld for a 🏉 carnival. I called him and said “Hey mate if you get time go to the local bakery and try a 🥧 !!!

Well he sure did and them some !!!! This legend popped in smashed a few 🥧’s and then sent me a full review.
WOW WOW WOW !!! I’m going to loose my job !!!! His review is EPIC

Below is the full review written by the great man himself.

While away on another footy carnival weekend, this time in Charleville 🤠, I got the hot tip, from Meat Pie 🥧 Connoisseur 😎, Shaun Pyne of the legendary Pyney’s Pie Reviews he told me to head to Heinemann’s Country Bakery this was his home town and a bakery he’s been to many many times.

This place was always busy & I realised, if you’re not quick, you’ll miss out 😳.

The Pie range menu consisted of 😍…

Beef, bacon & cheese
Ned Kelly
Chunky beef
Chunky pepper
Beef & mushroom
Steak & kidney

Although the footy schedule was full on, I managed to sample all of the above, & some of them, more than once… or twice… or maybe even, thrice 🤔😬😉.

They all ranked very highly on the “Pyney Pie Review” criteria 👌🏾 😎, but being a proud Carnivore, I’d like to share a little more focus on 2 of my favs, 😘🥧…

Beef, bacon & cheese & Chunky beef.
Both were cooked through, firm, just right, not that cardboard or burnt toast taste 😳. The crust was spot on. Crunchy & flaky, not like biting into a rock 😬. Both 9/10. ✅✅
Both chock full of chunks of beef & bacon, with plenty of cheese well mixed in, with a delicious smooth savoury gravy. Both pies were packed full in the pastry case, with no skimping of filling creating an air pocket 😉. Both 9/10. ✅✅
Perfect, not scalding. ✅✅
Reasonable; ranging from $5 ✅✅

Basically, the only reason these 2 pies (or any of their other pies, for that matter) didn’t ace a 10/10… imo was… size! Probably being a bit a glutton here. The pies are the standard Bakery size, but while my taste-buds were having a party, the sensation was all over too soon 🤭 & I felt not complete! Lost even. Like the saying goes, bigger is always better… 🤔 so just a suggestion, maybe a size increase at 1.5x or 2x the standard? Options are always good to have.
Ok 👌🏾 the guts of it is… great pies 🥧 (& other bakery goods 🧁 🍩 ), great service 😀 & great coffee ☕️ … but that’s another story!

It’s a 👍🏾👍🏾 from me! Get that in da ya! Stay safe out there everyone 😷. Support local business while travelling about & especially outback in Heartland country!

🤠❤️ “In Pie We Crust” 😬😉