Grants Cakes and Pies – Mt Isa QLD

Grants Cakes and Pies

The Northern Territory provided us with so many memories and was a epic adventure, but sadly that part of the 🥧 tour was over and we made our way across the boarder. Next stop was the mining town of Mt Isa. As soon we arrived I made a beeline to a place I’ve been to many times before and that was Grants Cakes & Pies
This bakery is as famous as the Mt Isa Rodeo. While the bakery hasn’t been around quite as long, it’s left a huge impression on everyone who’s been into the joint.
Owners Lee and Leata have owned this bakery since 1993. Prior to 93, Lee was helping the previous owners doing odd jobs, while working as a pipe fitter in the mines. These days Lee a third generation baker has virtually handed the reins over to his son Isaac and have created a bit of a 🥧 dynasty.
Employing 23 staff and open 6 days a week, everything you want is here. The selection of food is endless and you will have plenty of options to choose from.
Speaking of choices, this weeks choice of 🥧 was totally left field and something I’ve never had before. The crew at Grants insisted I try one of their relatively new gourmet 🥧’s. This creation was a Chunky Steak with hollandaise sauce !!!! Yes the old breaky favorite has been put into a 🥧 and this thing looked and smelt amazing.
1. Value for Money – $7.50 is once again up there in price, but it’s part of their gourmet range and I’ve had and seen similar prices for gourmet 🥧’s. This 🥧 was quite a good size and relatively deep. Overall not too bad. 7.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Very good value. This pie was just about full. Maybe a smidge more under the lid but not a lot of room. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Awesome !!! I wasn’t sure our the hollandaise sauce would taste, but the bakers nailed this one. The steak pieces were huge and melted in your mouth. The added flavor came from the cayenne pepper and normal pepper. The photos may give a indication that the 🥧 was dry, but it was far from that. Every bite was a experience which I throughly enjoyed. Excellent flavor. 10/10
4. Pastry – Nice golden color, almost perfect shape and stability was spot on. The top bake was perfect, however the bottom base was slightly undercooked. Overall pretty bloody good. 8.5/10
5. Temperature – Perfect temp !!! Cooked to perfection. 10/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧45.5/50 🥧🥧
If you like your hollandaise sauce your going to froth over this 🥧. It’s different and ballsy but in my opinion highly effective. The favor was easily the best part, the steak was incredibly tender and quite generous in size. Apart from the base being slightly undercooked, this was a cracking 🥧 and one I would easily have again.
Grants Cakes & Pies is a institution and a must visit while your in the Isa. This amazing family has been pumping out the highest quality of 🥧’s and other goodies for over 28 years and don’t look like slowing down. A staggering 60% of businesses go belly up in the first 3 years, so to survive 28 !!!! Is next level.
To the entire Grant crew, a huge thanks for having me in on short notice. This is yet another incredible family owned business success story.
Mt Isa is your classic working class town. From the famous Mt Isa rodeo to the underground mine tours, there’s heaps to see and do here. We found a cracking little free camp out of town that was stunning and worth a look.
We have decided to head north and explore a bit of the Savannah Way, so next weeks review will be from Normanton or Karumba.