Gluten Free 4U – Ballarat VIC

Gluten Free 4U


Bendigo was next level freezing and our next destination Ballarat was even colder. This was our first time down to this region and the near artic weather conditions wasn’t going to stop us from getting out and about.

After checking into the Big 4 NRMA caravan park near Sovereign Hill, I decided to take a drive around and get my bearings and search for a bakery to review. I didn’t have to travel far when I stumbled across a little gem. This wasn’t any old bakery but a total gluten free joint. The place I was referring to was GlutenFree4u Ballarat I’ve only done one other gluten free 🥧 review and that was in Rockhampton 12 months ago. So I decided to pop out of the car brave the weather conditions and pop in to say gday.

Unfortunately the owner Tamara was unavailable when I rocked up but I was greeted by manager Taylor and Louise. The bakery is located on Main road Ballarat and open 6 days (closed Mondays) As mentioned above the whole bakery is gluten free, nut free plus has options for people with dairy, soy, egg, yeast and a few other allergies.

One thing that did caught my eye was the impressive cabinet display. Everything looked really good and super fresh. What was even more impressive was the selection of gluten free lollies. I’m a massive lolly fan, but I came here for the 🥧‘s and needed to get my head back in the game.

The range of 🥧’s on offer was great, but I was pretty keen on trying the mince/chunky pepper 🥧. Pepper 🥧’s are my favorite flavor and to try a gluten free one was going to be a different experience.


1. Value for Money – $6.80 was good value. What people may not realize is that the ingredients used in G/F 🥧’s are approximately five times more expensive than normal 🥧‘s. So taking that into account this 🥧 was well priced. It wasn’t a huge, but acceptable in size and depth. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – This one was full !!! Full !!! full !!! 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – I don’t have much to compare this too as this was my only second gluten free review, but the flavor was ok. The mince and chunky meat tasted great and the 🥧 had a real pepper kick, which i really enjoyed. 8/10
4. Pastry – Shape, color and shrinkage were all terrific but the bottom bake was under cooked. Gluten free pastry is meant to look a little pale, but the bottom bake was a little powdery and slightly chewy. The top bake was excellent though. 7.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – Excellent !!! 10/10 great job with this one. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44.5/50 🥧🥧

A gluten free 🥧wouldn’t be my first choice on the menu, but I really enjoyed this one. Apart from the pasty taste being a little bland, if you were blind folded you wouldn’t know you were eating a gluten free 🥧. The meat ratio was a standout. The 🥧 was completely full, plus the $6.80 price tag was more than reasonable. The pepper has some real bite, which I loved. Overall this experience was a great 🥧 and I would have no hesitation trying another one when we return to Ballarat, but I’m not coming back in winter 😂😂.

A massive thanks to Taylor and Louise for having me in and letting me loose. The girls were bloody amazing and great value. Finding gluten free, nut free, vegan, dairy and all other allergy free 🥧 options can be very difficult and few and far between, but this place has every food item under the sun. The bakery was spotless clean and everything and I mean everything looked amazing. If your in the Ballarat area and looking at gluten free options look no further than this place.