Gin Gin Bakery – Gin Gin QLD

Gin Gin Bakery

With Pyney’s Pie Days over for the year, it was time to hit the road again. This quick up and back trip to Gladstone wasn’t for tasting 🥧’s, I was heading north to watch some 🏉🏉 and see a few of my boys.

As you know i can sniff out a quality 🥧 and bakery anywhere. I told my traveling companion Trevor to trust me because, I had breakfast sorted. After 3 hours in the car listening to my tragic music and 💩 stories, it was time for breakfast and there’s nothing better for breaky than a 🥧. My place of choice was Gin Gin Bakery.

Co owners Maree and Robert (mother and son) took over this existing bakery almost 2 years ago. It’s right in the Main Street of town and easy to find. This is another success story of new owners with zero baking experience. Rolling up there sleeves and having a serious crack. Maree is a local through and through and this bakery is a real family affair with four of Maree’s siblings working in this joint.

This review was heading in the right direction until Robert (co owner) explained to me he was a huge one eyed Manly supporter. I tried to keep that shocking thought out of my head (lol) particularly when I was about to smash his 🥧’s and score them accordingly.

Choosing a 🥧 for this weeks review was going to be crucial. After eating 🥧’s solidly for the previous 4 days, I needed something different. It’s a bit like when your over drinking 🍺 and need a bit of a pick me up !!! Well the pick me up in this case was in the form of Robert’s chicken 🥧 and boy it looked AWESOME !!!

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – This 🥧 was superb value at 5 Bucks !!!! It was a terrific size. It’s not often I review a square 🥧. The height and depth was perfect as well. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Filled right to the top. Bursting at the seams. This square 🥧 had zero roomed left. The chicken pieces were huge and plentiful. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – As we all know I’m not a huge chicken 🥧 fan, but the flavor in this 🥧one was incredible. The white sauce was beautiful and the added salt and pepper just made this 🥧. Loved it !!! 9/10
4. Pastry – Excellent !!! The top was golden and flakey but not flakey enough to cause carnage in your car when your trying to eat it. The base was super stable and was filled with flavor. The whole 🥧 never moved one bit !!!! 9/10
5. Temperature – This 🥧 was a perfect temp I absolutely smashed this 🥧 in about 5 bites. 10/10

🥧🥧 Overall Rating 48/50 🥧🥧

When I woke up Monday morning, I was totally 🥧‘d out. The last thing I wanted after Pyney’s 🥧 Days was more bloody 🥧’s. My thoughts totally changed after eating this 🥧. It was bloody beautiful and I’m so glad Maree chose that particular 🥧 for this review. This was a near perfect 🥧. The price point was on song. The absolute highlight for me was the pastry.

This bakery is huge inside and out. Every single food item that you could ever ask for is here. Plus the seating area out the front is huge. Passing travelers have ample room to park the car or caravan and take a break. Open every day except Sunday and employing 18 staff this place is a absolute must stop.

Maree and Robert are dead set legends !!!! Covid was a cruel blow to this bakery and the community, but resilient people get knocked down but they get straight up and keep coming and coming. I wanted to thank these guys not only for allowing me to share their story, but for there generosity during Pyney’s Pie Days. My charity event wouldn’t have been successes without the support of bakeries like this one and the many others.

Gin Gin is ripping joint to pop in and take a break. The Main Street has recently been re modeled so parking is a breeze. Whether you need fuel, a cold beer or even a 🥧 !!! Everything you need is here and the locals are super friendly and accommodating. If you wanna spend the night it’s got 2 great camping areas, the Showgrounds or the rest area 1.5km north of the township. Little towns like Gin Gin rely heavily on passing tourists and tourist dollars, so next time your heading north or south up the Bruce pop in and say gday to these awesome folk.