Gayndah Bakery – Gayndah QLD

Gayndah Bakery

After 10 days on the road sadly it was time to start making our way home. We had a full days drive ahead of us and the plan was to head east towards Rockhampton then detour to the Jambin Pub for the night. I had lined up a review for the following day at Gayndah Bakery so we needed to get cracking. Jambin Pub was awesome, but I only had eyes for 🥧’s and the Gayndah Bakery was where it was at.
Gayndah Qld is situated around three and a half hours north west of Brisbane and is Qld’s oldest town (town not city) plus home to millions of citrus trees. The Bakery is located right in the Main Street and has been around for many years. Current owner Michael started work at one of the bakeries in town as a 16 year old, then eventually the opportunity came up to run his own show and he grabbed it with both hands with the help of wife Tanya.
This is the couples second stint at the bakery, they sold a few years back and traveled around for a bit, COVID struck and eventually they came back in February this year. Michael mentioned finding bakers and staff out this way has been tough, but still this duo power on 6 days a week and are open from 6am daily except Sundays.
When I arrived in town i was dead set starving and wanted to get stuck into one of my trusty fav’s, a chunky pepper 🥧. I hadn’t had one for a while so I was eager to get cracking and see what this place has to offer.
1. Value for Money – $5.20 is excellent value for this 🥧. It was a decent sized square 🥧 and worth every cent. Great value. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Just about full, only a smidge more under the top, but you’d be pretty happy with the meat ratio in this 🥧 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Pepper is what I asked for and pepper is what I got !!! This thing was on the hotter pepper side then I’m used too, but I absolutely loved it. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was mine. The meat was a mixture of mince and chunky beef and cooked perfectly. Throw in gravy sauce and Michael’s secret seasoning and other spices, this flavor was very good. 9/10
4. Pastry – This was a tough one as Michael doesn’t bake his own pastry for these 🥧’s. The top bake was cooked great but if you zoom into the photos the bottom and side bake was slightly under cooked. The stability was ok, some spillage but nothing major. 7/10
5. Temperature – I’m Not going to lie, this bugger was hot, so i had to wait several minutes before ripping in. 7/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 42.5/50 🥧🥧
Once this 🥧 cooled down it was terrific. The relatively hotter than normal pepper flavor was a standout feature fo me, closely followed by the insanely cheap price tag. Overall this 🥧 and bakery is a little beauty and is a must stop over while your in town. The food plus breaky options are endless and trust me you won’t go hungry in this place.
Michael and Tanya a huge thanks for having me in. The struggles you guys have had with staffing and finding bakers is incredible and yet everyday both of you rock up undermanned and still produce the highest quality product for locals and passing tourists. Once again Gayndah is another town that relies heavily on the seasonal tourist trade, so when that time of year passes things can get very quiet, so if your heading out this way shortly or passing through please make sure you pop in say gday and spend some much needed $$
Not only Gayndah but the whole North Burnett area is well worth exploring. All these little towns offer something very different and have numerous attractions that are a must see. Speaking of different, two points of interest worth checking out are Silo Art (near Monto) and Boolboonda Tunnel (near Gin Gin) The tunnel in particular is very unique and a place everyone should visit once.