Fred and Lyns Pies and Pastries – Bundaberg QLD

Fred and Lyns Pies and Pastries

Late last year we hooked the van up headed north and lobbed at a picturesque place called “Platypus Park Riverside Retreat”. Situated on a private property on the Burnett river this was a perfect place to kick back and relax for a few days. Yes I was there to relax and see friends, but I had other things on my mind 🥧’s !!!! I had lined up a review at one of Bundaberg best known 🥧 hang outs Fred and lyns pies and pastries.
Fred Nightingale is the “GOAT” of the 🥧 business up this way. This true icon has been in the baking game for a smidge over 60 years !!! OMG OMG !!! Standing right beside him for almost 45 of them is his beautiful wife Lyn. That’s insane guys, this couple has over 100 years experience between them.
Over the years this duo have had a number of bakeries in the Bundaberg area and but been in there current location for just over 20.
This place is not only bakery but a shine to the king of “Rock n Roll” the great man himself Elvis Presley. I’ve never seen so much Elvis memorabilia is such a small place. I knew this was going to be a history lesson in 🥧’s and Elvis Presley and I was super excited for both.
After getting the tour and chatting absolutely everything Elvis related, it was time to choose a 🥧 for this review. This was quite easy, as a number of locals highly recommended the “Steak n Bacon” So Lyn got the 🥧 of choice out of the oven and it was time to get started.
1. Value for Money – $5.00 was insanely cheap for this 🥧. Finding a 5 buck 🥧 is as rare as a four leaf clover, so overall this was a good score. The 🥧 was also a decent size both in width and depth. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – This 🥧 could have been topped up a little. I’d say it was about 80% full. The filling that was in this 🥧 was beautiful but not quite enough. 8/10
3. Meat Flavour – The flavor itself was very nice. The bacon and steak were plentiful and cooked perfectly. The cheese was melted right through the entire 🥧 and blended in well. My biggest issue was the gravy sauce was very thin and runny for my liking. As soon as you cut the 🥧 in half the insides instantly starting running out. Apart from this issue the overall flavor was pretty good. 7.5/10
4. Pastry – while the top was a little dark it had a golden colour to it. Hardly any shrinkage on the top pastry and the stability itself was very good. Photos will show the bottom bake was slightly undercooked and needed more time. This seems to be a common occurrence when using the aluminum trays. The pasty also has a nice buttery flavor to it. As previously mentioned the gravy did flow out of this 🥧 to easily. 8/10
5. Serving Temperature – Overall very good, maybe a little on the hot side but I didn’t have to wait that long to start ripping in. 9/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 42.5/50 🥧🥧
Overall this “Steak n Bacon” 🥧 easily got the pass mark ✅. The price tag was the clear winner. $5 is so cheap it’s insane. The 🥧 had a consistent flavor right through. With every bite you could taste the steak, bacon and cheese. In my opinion the only two small negatives were the bottom bake and the lack of thickness in the gravy sauce. I might be wrong, some people might like it, but it’s not my cup of tea.
Stepping foot into this bakery is like stepping back in time. The building is exactly like your old fashioned corner store and inside is a cross between a bakery and a “Elvis” museum. Everything about this place I loved and everything made in this place is baked with love. If your around the Bundaberg area and your a 🥧 and Elvis fan well this bakery is a must stop.
Words cannot describe this incredible power couple. Nearly 45 years working together and still wanting to improve their skills. Fred is a true legend of the 🥧 game. He’s seen and done every possible thing over his 60 years in the game, but still rocks up each and every day pumping out quality products. A huge thanks for your time and Elvis history lesson.
Bundaberg and the surrounding area are well worth visiting and exploring. From Bargara to Bucca this place has so much on offer and a place you need to give yourself a bit of time. I’ve gotta give the Bucca Pub, Bucca Qld a plug. The pubs a little cracker and the meal we had was terrific.