Foster’s Bakery

2023 🥧 Tour
Review no 56
Foster’s Bakery
(Mermaid Beach Gold Coast)

Between Xmas and New Year I spent some time down the Gold Coast area and was super keen to visit a few of the Goldie’s best 🥧 joints. I had a number of places in mind and one of those on the list was Foster’s Bakery at Mermaid Beach.

This was a place that has been around for a long time and is one of the coasts well known bakeries. Foster’s Bakery is located on 1/2227 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

I’ve heard this place can get crazy busy and the day of my visit was no different. The whole time I was there the joint was going off and people were qued five to six deep at a time.

While only small this bakery has everything you need and the cabinet display was completely full and every item looked fresh.

Sadly I didn’t get meet the owners during my visit, but I did let the staff know I had popped in. As I had another review to do later that morning I decided to choose a 🥧 and get cracking.

All the usuals were on the 🥧 menu, however that day I was craving a chunky pepper flavoured 🥧 and that’s what I went with. Everyone knows chunky pepper is my go to 🥧 and I was very curious to see how this one stacked up.


1. Value for Money – $6 represented excellent value for money. This was a decent sized 🥧 in both depth/diameter and was quite heavy as well. No issues here with the $6 price tag at all. 10/10

2. Meat Ratio – Photos will show this 🥧 was completely full and full of chunky meat as well. Fantastic meat ratio. 10/10

3. Flavour – To be honest I was a little disappointed with the flavor of this one. The 🥧 was full of meat which was cooked perfectly and super tender, but the 🥧 lacked genuine flavour. The pepper flavour was there but only very mild and the gravy was a little gluggy. Overall it tasted ok, but I would have liked more of a peppery taste to this 🥧. 5/10

4. Pastry – Apart from the bottom bake being being a little too thick the overall pastry was really good. Color, shape and stability were all high standard and there was only minor shrinkage on the top. The pastry flavour was very good and the top was flakey and nice golden color. 9/10

5. Serving Temperature – A little hot but nothing major. 9/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 43/50 🥧🥧

Overall this 🥧 was ok. Yes in my opinion the 🥧 lacked that real pepper flavour, but the rest of the scoring categories were really good. Value for money and meat ratio were perfect and the pastry wasn’t far away either. The lacking of that real pepper flavour could have easily been a once off and and I’m more than prepared to try another one. Apart from the flavour I really enjoyed this 🥧.

100% add this bakery to your own 🥧 list. As mentioned earlier this place get crazy busy so get in early to avoid disappointment. It’s a shame I missed the onwers on this visit, but I plan to go back again in the next few months.